Mending Braided Rugs

At the auction where hubby bought my Featherweight, we also bought some braided rugs.  I LOVE braided rugs.  They last forever.  One of the rugs that I bought had a spot where the thread connecting the braids had come undone.


For some people, they would never purchase the rug…but not me.  I’ve been mending my braided rugs for a long time.  It is very easy to do.

Cut a piece of thread so there’s enough for a double thickness.  Tie the ends to the existing piece of thread.  Tie using an overhand knot or a square knot to this.  I have a big darning needle that works great for this.  If you have a plastic canvas stitching needle it would work great too.

Run your needle under the braid loop on one side.  Don’t catch the fabric.  Just run the need under the braid loop.


Now go to the opposite side and again run your needle under the braid loop on one side making sure not to catch the fabric.


Keep pulling the thread up tightly.  Continue running the needle under the loops from side to to side, tightly pulling up the thread.  In a few short stitches, the hole is closed.  Keep stitching until you find the original thread and tie the thread in the needle to that original thread.  Remember to use a square knot or the stitching will come undone.


See as good as new….


If you are ever thrifting or at an auction, don’t be afraid to purchase a braided rug where the braids have become undone.  With a little patience, along with a needle and thread, you can have a great looking rug.

Thanks for all the advice on getting out the musty smell that the rugs had.  I followed the baking soda advice and they now smell wonderful!  Today I am hooking up with Works for Me Wednesdays.

14 thoughts on “Mending Braided Rugs

  1. Debbie St. Germain

    I love braided rugs and make my own, need to finish one I started, would like to make it larger for the dining room. I wish I could buy the heavier wools though, they do last longer and not so puffy.


  2. cheryl from MO

    Jo, my mom is working on re-doing one of my grandmothers braided rugs. i will point her to this post as encouragement!!

    I think she acutually has to unsew and re-braid a couple of sections. be good cw

  3. Bethany

    I’m working on repairing a very large braided rug currently. It’s a massive project and I was wondering what specific thread and needles you used. I’m having trouble figuring out what would work best.

    Thank you

    1. Jo Post author

      I use wrap thread. Years and years and years ago my mom had a loam and made rugs. I have a ball of warp yarn left from that and have since picked some up thrifting. It works perfectly.

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  5. Patricia E Campbell

    My dad always used a needle shaped like a semi-circle. The thread he used had a waxy feel to it. Mom and dad have had their wool braided rug nearly 60 years.


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