Menards…the first edition of many

Late Sunday afternoon I suggested we make a Menards run down to Waterloo.  There are some things we need for the house and we needed enough that it made sense just to travel the 50 miles and go.

It was the most boring Menards trip I have ever been on.  We were in the store for 2 hours.  We didn’t buy a single thing that I had to have  choice about…no color selection…no style selection.

Lumber-an appliance mover-a Saws All-more lumber-screws-sand paper-stripper-ply wood….everything boring.

It was so bad that when we got out of the store, Hubby apologized that it was so boring for me.  I looked things that at some point we’d need for the house, but wasn’t real serious about it as the selection will probably change in 6-9 months when we actually need some of the things.

Road construction had us rerouted so we traveled through Jessup.  We hadn’t eaten supper and it was late.  Hubby suggested we grab something at the gas station..then he saw the Dairy Kone store next door…

We headed there for something to grab instead.

ah….a Snickers Cyclone.  YUM!  It made the two hours in Menards balance out.

I did warn Hubby that one day, when we are selecting lights and flooring, it’s going to be his turn to be bored.

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