Meeting with the Architect

Tuesday morning we met with the architect.  I was so nervous about it.  I was afraid he would suggest that this would all be much more expensive than we anticipated.


By the end of the meeting, I felt really good.  What we proposed sounded very do-able and he could see why we liked the house so much.  We have gotten so many mixed responses from people when talking about the house.  Someone told me, “It’s fine is you like that old stuff”.   Others have said, “Oh, that house”.

The architect was wonderful.  He said that we have a fun project on our hands.  He said that once it’s done you’ll have a house we can love.

Our meeting with him was basically two part.  The first part he just looked at the house.  We told what we liked and what we didn’t.  We told what we wanted to have.  He asked if we had thought or this…or that.  He was so personable and a great listener.  I know you women who are reading this will understand when I say he listened to me just as much as he listened to my husband.  He didn’t talk down to me either.  Sadly, many men do that.

The last part, he just spent the time with his tape measure and notepad, asking occasional questions.


I hadn’t shown you outside pictures so I thought I should do that.  The back part of the house where it juts out will be removed.  Right now that’s the bathroom, kitchen and laundry.  The front porch will be removed.  A new open front porch will be added going across the entire front of the house.  We are hoping to keep the dormer look on the porch and add a similar one to the right.  We know it really needs some curb appeal.  Then the garage would have some type of similar feature to tie things all together.

The garage will start right about where the architect is standing.   It will face the street.  Right now we are planning a double garage with a workshop area for Hubby on the far right of the garage.  The garage will also have the “kitchen” area as well as a bathroom.  With all that going on, we’ll be heating it too.

I know that sounds a bit excessive with a “kitchen” and bathroom in the garage but that gives Hubby a place to wash up at before he comes into the house.  So many of you suggested after seeing my little drawn up plans to have a door from the kitchen into the bathroom.  We have had bathrooms off the kitchen in places that we have lived and let’s just say, the smell can be annoying.  That’s why we want a bathroom in the garage.  It will be a working man’s bathroom with a industrial sink that I can give Ruby a bath, wash paint brushes out in or wash garden produce in.  The kitchen area gives our family room to grow in this house.

We have started talking about siding colors…We don’t hate what is there.  What do you think for siding and trim?  I wanted a dark color but Hubby is kind of putting the kibosh on that.  I do like having three colors…what do you think?

Rumor is we might close on the house tonight…if so, I’ll be drinking a glass of champagne!!

20 thoughts on “Meeting with the Architect”

  1. Love, love, love it !!! Oh the potential. I am so glad you can see the opportunity and restore it to the glory it deserves.

  2. As a retired NY RE broker I can tell u that a bathroom off the kitchen is a big NO NO. Good decision. Your home is lovely. A great deal, also

  3. What a pretty house! You’ll enjoy making the changes, and then you’ll love living there – it’s going to be great!

  4. It sounds to me like you have thought it all through and will be getting the house of your dreams once the remodel is done. Congrats and hopefully you are a homeowner by now. The bathroom off the garage sounds perfect for hubby’s line of work and for Ruby’s baths. Very excited to watch this process with you. I think the three colors would work well with the house and area. Have fun picking colors.

  5. I think you will pick the colors you love. They have some options in siding to add the texture to your peaks like it has now. I think some look like cedar shakes and some have a scallop. I’m partial to gray for siding with white windows and trim. Then you can add blue or burgundy or something for the third color pop. Gray doesn’t show dirt and fly specks like white but is still a neutral. We trimmed ours with more gray and just the white windows and porch post because on the farm I new fly specks would be awful with pastures and cattle pens next to the house. Whatever you choose it will be great and it’s your choice because it’s your house. Have fun creating your new space!

  6. I think you have a great house! I love the idea of the porch across the front. I like white for old farm houses, but the choice is up to you. (I’m with you on the bathroom too close to the kitchen. Yuck!) I have a big sink in my quilt studio that I use for washing my dog. It’s one of the best features about the studio. Unfortunately, the dog knows that she’s likely to get a bath in the studio, so she doesn’t like to come hang out there with me.

  7. Great idea to have bath in garage so the farm/man dirt doesn’t come in the house. I would tile the lower half of the room and floor, plus put a floor drain in so you can hose it down!

  8. Pat C in Washingon

    Very good sign that the architect listened to BOTH of you! That is an important consideration all through the course of construction – open communication with the architect, contractor, site supervisor and both you and your husband. I work on home repair projects and faulty communication is the biggest problem of all.

  9. Joyce in Oregon

    Jo, ignore what others say about your house. We bought ours 27 years ago and the neighbors later thanked us for buying “that” house and brightening it up. Others just didn’t have the vision. After the architect has drawn the front of the house, make extra prints of just that section of the blueprint and get out some colored pencils. You’ll have a great time seeing if you lean toward a particular color or light or dark colors. Enjoy your adventure. I envy you… I’ve been ready to move for years!

  10. The house is really cute. I like the colors on the house, too, although grey with white trim and blue or red would be nice, too. It has nice lines, and I loved the pictures of the woodwork inside. Whatever you choose, have fun. Isn’t it nice to really have a man listen?? Smart architect!!

  11. The house is going to be great! The idea of an open front porch across the entire house will be awesome. Neighbors around the corner added a porch like that and it just made the house…it looks so inviting. As far as siding colors, go to: . They have examples of colors that work well together and I’m sure that siding is made that would be similar. You guys are going to have so much fun! I can hardly wait for updates:) (I have no life.)

  12. I love your new house…so cute…and the woodwork inside is amazing! I’m so excited to watch it all come together. My neighbor across the street painted their house a medium grey with white trim…and a gorgeous yellow front door, talk about POP! They put two turquoise chairs on their porch and it just looks so wonderful!

  13. I love the front porch idea as well as the outside bathroom for the hubby. i can hardly wait for the work to begin,,,it will be fun to watch it all.

  14. Sharon Hughson

    Try a third color on the door. Maybe at one of the ‘big boxes’ has a program that will color a house virtually and you could convince DH of your colors that way. Sometimes men can’t see colors in reality or their imagination. Try it anyway.

  15. Nancy Angerer

    I think the new front porch will look wonderful and be very inviting. I also like the idea of the bathroom off the garage for cleanup. It sounds like you have thought things through. Will you be asking the architect to maintain the look of the rest of the house in the new part? We did a big addition to a house in IL that was built in 1926. The new had the same character as the old and we loved it. Loved all the woodwork the you showed in previous pictures. You will have a house that will be lovely and will be “yours”. I like the idea of 3 colors, but leave that choice in your hands. After all, it is your house:)

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