Meeting Up with my “Bestie”

Last year when we held our retreat I got a chance to meet so many blog readers and had the best time.  As we were meeting people one lady came up to me and said, “Hey there bestie”.  I looked wondering who she was talking to and realized it was me.  The she said, “You don’t know it but you’re my best friend”.  I knew she was joking and smiled….but do you know what??  Over this past year, she really has become a bestie to me.

Connie is the sweetest, most thoughtful person I know and I am so blessed to be able to call her my friend.


Couple weeks ago Connie mentioned that she would be traveling from her home in Minnesota to southern Iowa where her daughter lives.  She wondered if I would be up for a visit….YES!  I surely would.

We ended up meeting at McDonalds in Decorah.  It was a half hour drive for me and helped keep her heading in the direction of her daughter’s home.    Connie brought along he son Dan.  Connie has talked about him and I appreciated being able to put a name with a face.  He did us the honor of taking our picture.

When I found out I had thyroid cancer, Connie rushed in and was just what I needed.  She sent me cards weekly..some just wishing me a good day…some with a strip of dog fabric in it.  It was so sweet.  She would Facebook message me a couple nights a week checking to see how the day was going.  She was exactly what I needed.

My family has been a great help to me but often I found myself “trying to be better than I actually felt” so they didn’t worry.  With Connie I could be completely honest.  I needed that.  My niece told me that when you have cancer some people rush away, some people come out of the wood work and some people rush in.  Connie rushed in….even though it was long distance.

I feel at such a disadvantage when becoming friends with blog readers.  All of you know all about me.  You know what my kitchen cabinets look like.  You know my dog.  You know all about my family.  You know I love antiques and auctions and thrifting.  You know I quilt.   You know my favorite color is red and that I love polka dots…me, I know very little about any of you.  If there was something I could change about blogging that would be it.  I’d want to get to know you all too.  In a way, blogging can be a lonely job.

Slowly, I’m learning more about Connie and I love that I am.

When we got home I was talking to Hubby.  He asked how it went.  I said WONDERFUL.  I told him that through the blog I’ve found people I really like and that even if it means traveling, I want to meet up with people more often.  He said well then go for it.  I think too often I get busy and I don’t work on cultivating friendships….I hope to do some changing of that.

Connie, of course, sent me home with goodies….I tell her not to.  She doesn’t listen…all sorts of goodies.

Check out this succulent garden she brought me.  HOW CUTE!!


See…she totally knows me.  I love plants.  I love vintage…I love red and I love polka dots.  What a perfect gift!  She made them one for Kelli and Kayla too.

Blogging has brought many people into my life…I am so thankful for that because that’s how I met Connie.

8 thoughts on “Meeting Up with my “Bestie””

  1. Hi Jo,
    I understand what you are saying. I’m sure one of the reasons you meet people you like is because we read your blog first because it engages us with the real life struggles we all have. Trying to live and work on a budget, with an expensive hobby and trying to do that while maintaining a family oriented life is my story, coping with difficult diseases is also my story and trying to fit in your love of sewing and fabric makes real sense to me . It becomes a story of hope,love and reality for me. It talks to us who are the real people for whom quilting is not our main occupation but is fitted in when and where. I too love going to op shops ( as we Kiwis call them) for fabric and fun. I feel I am reading about a friend. Long may it continue.

  2. Wow! I guess it would be cheating, but I’d like to just say DITTO to Jane’s post as I feel the same way. I too I feel I am reading about a friend and hope it continues.

  3. I second that DITTO and raise you one great friendship. That’s how we feel, Jo! Speaking of meeting up, I’m coming your way soon and I would love to visit with you if possible. I will get in touch soon. Thanks for all you do. Love the succulent garden…

  4. Here’s another ditto. Our interests are very similar. Family is very important to you and to me. Altho I am not involved in childcare, my good friend is and I have helped her at times and listened to her problems, so there is another connection. I appreciate all my blogger friends. They/you have brought a special enrichment to my life. When you share your joys, I share your joy. When you hurt; I hurt. And I pray for you. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

  5. When you think about wanting to know what we, your readers are like, Jo, remember that we read your blog because we feel much the same as you about many of the same things. We do many of the same things too. So in a sense, you already know a lot about us! Because we are LIKE you!

  6. You are a lucky lady Jo to be able to spend time with Connie. I had the pleasure of sharing a table with this sweet lady last summer in Iowa and will treasure that memory forever! Had a wonderful time in West Union, Iowa with you all as well!

  7. It’s funny how I stumbled across your blog and this topic. I actually find some bloggers to be reluctant to form friendships. They just answer very briefly and never initiate things. It is almost as if the blog is a role they are playing and they don’t want people to know the real person. Or maybe they think that people want something of them. Has anyone else found this? I live in New Zealand so a long way from a lot of you I guess.

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