Meeting Up With Ila

So you ever have one of those people in your life that you feel like you’ve know them forever even though you haven’t??  Well for Kelli and I, it’s Ila.

I’ve know Ila via the internet for several years now and last year, Kelli and I (and my daughter Kayla too) got to meet her in person.  It was so fun.  I was super excited last week when I got a note that said she was coming to Westgate, Iowa.  WESTGATE?!?!?  That’s just 25 minutes or so from me!!  Ila’s hubby was meeting up with a car enthusiast and we could kidnap Ila for the day….she wanted to know if we were free.  If Ila was coming, we’d make ourselves free.

We made plans to meet up.

Kelli and I went into planning mode.  Where could we go and what could we do??  There is NOTHING in Westgate to entertain someone (no offense to anyone who lives there but Westgate is even smaller than my town, Waucoma).  We decided that we’d go to Oelwein.   We could go out to eat and go to the quilt shop.  Then where to eat??  Most of the places are fast food or cheap buffet.

Ila was traveling from Chicago way and it’s quite a drive-at least 4 1/2 hours-so Kelli and I had the morning to kill.  We ended up at an auction….Hubby even came to the auction.  We bought a couple things to fix up..and a couple things to collect (More on auction goodies later)…while we were there, we kept waiting for a phone call that Ila was close then we’d leave the auction to meet her.

About 12:30 we got that call, jumped into the truck and were on our way…we met and chatted…ate and chatted…went to the quilt shop in town which was closed…and chatted some more.  Time flew.  It was so fun.  Ila is a wonderful story teller…and a wonderful listener.

It was windy…very windy.  I almost didn’t post the picture as we all look very wind blown but I find the best way to mark an event is with a picture…even if it’s not the best. (Now you know why I wear bangs!!)


It just amazes me how close I can feel to someone that I’ve only now seen in person twice….She feels like she’s my aunt…I just love her!!

Before we knew it time had flown and it was time to return Ila to her hubby.

Of course, Ila left us with a gift….she always does.  Even though we’ve told her that we just love seeing her and that gifts aren’t necessary..she brought a gift.  If there ever was someone who knew the perfect thing to gift, it’s Ila.  Here are the chicken salt and pepper shakers.  I squealed over those.  I have a chicken collection and these are nicer than any I have.  She gave me a deviled egg dish too.  I make and bring deviled eggs all the time to most every function that I can bring something to.

She also gifted me this spice drawer cabinet.


It is amazing…antique and totally me.  I have been shopping for one of these for some time.  Most often I see them in light oak but I didn’t cave hoping to find one in a darker wood.  This is so perfect.  Honestly, I am in love.  It is unique and just perfect for the new house.

Now as wonderful as Ila is on gift giving…I am the exact opposite.  LAME.  We did get her something but then we forgot to get it out of the other vehicle….See…completely BAD.  Bad, bad, bad.  I am now searching the house for a box so I can send it her way.  It’s something from me and Kelli…because Ila didn’t leave Kelli out on her gift giving.  Kelli got a box of gluten free goodies.  Oh Ila.

I told Ila the house next door to our new house is open and available and I’d love her for a neighbor but she has told me this rural life isn’t for her.  SHUCKS!!  I would really love her for neighbor.  In the meantime I am going to have to settle for an email and a visit here and there.

Thanks Ila..for the gifts…for lunch…but most of all for you love and friendship.  You are a treasure.


2 thoughts on “Meeting Up With Ila”

  1. Hey, Ila is my best friend, too, even though we have never been lucky enough to meet in person. But I feel extremely lucky to have her in my life.

  2. Isn’t it funny how people we come to know through the internet can feel as close as people we’ve known all our lives – even though we may never meet them in person! I don’t know Ila, but I found it interesting that she has the same first name as my grandmother – and the only other Ila I’ve ever heard of!

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