Meeting up with Debbie

Way back last spring, I met one of my blog readers,Debbie.  We were both at the Bonnie Hunter retreat in Moline.

I learned that Debbie grew up in  Oelwien, Iowa which is just a half hour drive for me.  I love small world coincidences.  Well Debbie happen to be home visiting family so she gave me a call and we met for lunch on Friday.

It was just a quick lunch as I was running here and there trying to do some wedding errands and I needed to get home for the Veteran’s program at school where our daughter, Kalissa, was singing.

I had a fun time getting to know Debbie better…what a great lady.  She may be an Iowa native but she picked up the sweetest accent in her travels.  I could listen to her voice for forever.

Thanks for the lunch Debbie.  Let me know when you are back in town and we’ll do it again only this time, I pay for lunch!

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