Meeting the Contractor

If you haven’t check in with us lately, we bought a foreclosure, fixer upper house.

Early on Thursday morning we met with the contractor that will be working on our house.  I had just lamented a few days earlier that I was bad at waiting..apparently Hubby is too because I didn’t even have to beg or causally suggest it.  He just set up the meeting with the contractor all on his own.

When we pulled up to the house I saw this…


That made me really BIG!!  You might remember me saying that we were thinking about removing the added part of the house to the right.


Well after we talked with the contractor, Roger left and I hung out in the house for an hour or so measuring and checking things out on my own.  I was able to get some pictures to show you too.  That addition houses, the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and sewing rooms.  There is only one room in the whole lot that I really like.  If we couldn’t remove the addition, I was willing to make it work but if we can the possibilities are endless!!

Before I show you the picture I want to tell you that our news from the contractor was WONDERFUL!    We just needed a ballpark figure from the contractor on what the cost was to remove the addition and add new on along with an attached garage.  He thinks the estimate of how much we guessed it would cost is right in line.

Onto why we’d remove the addition…
Here is the kitchen as it is now…small and awkward.


Here is another view of it…odd right??  Remember that big rectangle that comes out of the ceiling..I’ll make reference to that later.


This is the bathroom.  The only thing I like about it is the ceiling.  The vanity is in pretty good shape.  The medicine cabinet too.  We should be able to use them in the new addition.  They are small but I don’t care.  We have antique cupboards that will hold the towels and things.


There is a laundry/back entry too but I forgot to take a picture of that.

The upstairs of the addition is just plain weird.

Here is the one room…


Yep..odd ceilings..odd shape and a bathtub in the middle of the room?!?!  Hubby can’t walk under the light fixture!  That box or drop in the ceiling in the kitchen is what is housing the plumbing for the bathtub!!  I do think I will keep the tub for the upstairs bathroom.  I think that might be easier than trying to get it down the steps.  It’s old and original…

Then off this room is an upstairs porch room.  I am guessing long ago it was open and people would sleep there in the summer when it was too hot in the bedrooms.


This room I actually like. but it’s the only one I do…and it doesn’t have heat.


Now after seeing pictures you might be able to understand why we would love to take that addition off.  Every room is really quite odd.

But after you saw those picture you are probably wondering why on earth did we buy the house in the first place.  I’ll show you pictures of the things we love tomorrow.  Stop back and see them then.

12 thoughts on “Meeting the Contractor”

  1. Hi Jo, I am looking forward to watching the development of your new home, it is obviously very exciting for you and your hubby. I live in England where houses are relatively small so to me your new house is huge. Thanks for sharing.
    Regards from hot and sunny Shropshire, England.

  2. Do keep the claw foot bathtub. They are the best! My parents have one and have hooked it up so it is the bottom to a shower. It sounds like you are going to get the house of your dreams with the remodel. Congrats and looking forward to many posts on the progress.

  3. I am looking forward to watching the transformation, I don’t have a good eye for seeing how things could look after renovations so I really enjoy seeing all the changes.

    Good luck!

  4. I am so happy about your new house. But please, I might add a caution. Get the estimate in writing!! We had a painter give us a verbal estimate before we moved into our new home. We never asked how long it would take. His crew ended up taking weeks……. WEEKS to finish painting the inside of our house. We had already moved in, and they were STILL painting!!! And to top it off, they gave us a bill for 3X the estimate. We about flipped out!!! We had never hired this kind of work out before, so we didn’t ask the right questions. AND we did not get a written estimate. They did a very good job on the painting, but I would never use them, or recommend them to anyone. I think they took advantage of us. My sweet hubby did negotiate them down a bit, but they never finished the doors that lead outside, which they had told us they would do.

  5. It will be fun to see what you do with the place. There are certainly some odd features and the kitchen is missing some upper cabinets. The previous tenants must have spent a lot of time trying to dig things out of the lower ones. Fun times ahead!

  6. Love,Love hearing your story !! Changing the house will not be easy, but worth it, sooooo worth it !! Don’t you wonder what people are thinking when they remodel a home ?? The cost of remodeling is so very expensive, how you can find a salvage yard somewhere near you where you can find some treasures!! We have many here in Buffalo, and you can find things from doors to kitchens and so on… Good luck!! Looking forward to seeing your progress!!

  7. I am so envious of your new home! This is a great project and I am really enjoying the ride along with you. I live in a tract home with zero personality and I hope someday we can find a fixer upper like yours!

  8. Love your bathtub!!! I have always wanted a bathtub in the middle of the room…but this doesn’t exactly fit what I had in mind!

  9. With your wonderful design sense you will have a space that is homey, quaint, and elegant all at once! The first picture of the shady sidewalk makes it seem as if it is in the village/town area and off the farm. It will be a big change! So exciting and filled with potential, you rock!

  10. Jo-congrats on purchasing a house. It will all come just watch. Wait till all your beautiful quilts get hung up…it will be a home before you know it.

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