Meeting New Friends

Last weekend our kids were home and we had an early Easter dinner.  We typically try to have the kids get together the weekend before holidays so they can have the actual holiday with their own family or with the other side of the family.

It’s been hard for Kayla to come as they have two large dogs-Bruce and Tony.  They are yellow labs and really good but they are just so big.

Previously when we lived at the farm the dogs didn’t come as our farm dog Pepper just hated other dogs.  After Pepper died Kayla brought Tony once.  The house was small and we immediately knew that there would be no room if she brought him when we all got together.

Kayla and Spencer then got Bruce.  Two dogs at the farm in the house with us was just too much.  Because of that when Kayla and Spencer came home they would only do fast day trips or have to arrange someone to take the dogs.  Often Kayla just came by herself and Spencer took care of the dogs at home.

We decided this time around to give it a try.

Ruby seemed okay.  Did she love it?  No…she’s certainly fine with it though.  Bruce and Tony were both really good.  They are well mannered dogs.

Kayla and Spencer were very attentive and took care of the dogs really well.  They even brought the kennels and kenneled the dogs when we ate.

All in all, I’m happy with how things turned out with the dogs.  I don’t mind if they try another visit…the bigger house with more room really has some benefits!

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  1. I understand what you mean about big dogs in a small house. Our house is small and our son had two chocolate labs. But now that those dogs have passed on I really miss them. Nothing like a big old lab trying to crawl onto your lap or laying on your feet. Such sweet dogs.

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