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Blogging and sharing my life people is something that I actually really enjoy.  I love notes in my inbox, comments in the comment section and even goodies in my mailbox (I’ve had some AWESOME goodies in my mailbox that I can’t wait to share!!) All of this comes from you my blog readers.  For my hubby who doesn’t understand the appeal of blogs, he thinks it’s a little odd…but me I love it.

For the last year or so I’ve been exchanging notes with a few or my readers on a more regular basis becoming “pen pals” of sorts.  Laurel is one of those readers.  As we exchanged notes we realized we were more and more attached by little circumstances. Laurel used to live in my area.  Her sister lives in my town.  She rents land to my cousin.  She’s the godmother to a guy my son graduated with.  It’s all just little connections but it’s all just kind of fun.

Laurel asked my to come to a retreat that was over her way and to be honest…it’s a little scary going to meet someone I don’t actually “know” and plan to spent the weekend with them.  I thought about it and then it turned out I had something else going on and that was okay.  Then Laurel asked again…I was warming up to the idea and then my kid’s said “REALLY Mom…you don’t know this person.  What about internet safety.”  At this point I was thinking that I know about it, I’ll be fine.  I had decided that ya…I thought I was going to go…after all we had all those little connections.

That’s when I got a note from Laurel saying she was going to be at a quilt retreat a bit from my house in Oelwien, Iowa.  She asked if I would stop by….and Kelli and I did!!

…and I am SO, SO happy that we did!!

Laurel is everything I thought she would be and more.  A sweat bubbly lady that inspires everyone to give quilting a try.  I had to really laugh as she told me the story that as she has moved from place to place she has encouraged people to start quilting.  Then after she moves to the next place, her friends finally pick up quilting as hobby.  This pattern has continued on and on.  The group of ladies she was quilting with this week were people from different places across the state who Laurel has sewn with.  She explained that the retreat is a merging of her lives…past and present.  It’s fun for her to have her old friends and new friends meet.

Laurel also showed me around the retreat center and it was amazing. I’ll tell you more about all of that on another day….

All I can say is, yes Laurel…Kelli and I will come to the retreat in March.  We’d be honored and happy to sew with you!!

8 thoughts on “Meeting Laurel”

  1. What a nice threesome. I enjoy quilt retreats and looking forward to one in week and half. Can not wait to see your pics.

  2. How lovely you were able to meet. Now you can go on retreat in “safety”. I had a little chuckle with you kids pointing out about internet safety. When I was trying to tell my then 14-15 year old about not adding friends to facebook that he doesn’t actually know, he quickly pointed out that I ‘talk’ to people on the net that I don’t know. So I pointed out to him that we talk quilting and I really don’t think those terrible stalkers of kids would be interested in talking with me!

  3. When we were on the Iowa Shop Hop, we stopped at the Retreat center and the clerk showed my wife and I around (down stairs). Would love to take part in a Retreat there sometime, but would be ackward being the only male there. Our guild has a 3 day Retreat at the local Masonic Hall, but nobody stays the night.(Members can sew from 7 am to 10 pm, all 3 days for $5, for the weekend. I rent the hall for them 3 times a year. Also next week we are having our second Community Sewing Day/Weekend out there. I love all the room we can spread quilts out in.) Great fun. … from northern Iowa.

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