Meeting Lani

You may remember a couple weeks ago I went over to Country Threads to teach a session at camp.  I had a blast.  Mary and I talked and had thought I might come over for the next camp but my schedule and theirs didn’t mesh so it was decided that I wouldn’t come.  Then the campers showed up and camper Lani asked, “Where’s Jo?”

Mary called me…then we went into scramble mode and I worked on rearranging my schedule.  I ended up visiting on Thursday afternoon so that I could meet my loyal blog reader, Lani and the other gals from camp.

It was so fun!  What is it about quilters…it just seems like they are all kindred spirits.  I ended up sticking around and went out to eat supper with them..What a hoot!!  My only regret was that I didn’t get a picture with all the camp gals as the other campers were so fun too.

Of course, my family questioned my sanity once again saying, “’s the internet and you don’t even know this lady.”  It was the same thing they said when I went to meet Laurel and that turned out great too.

Lani gifted me the GREATEST bag….

I think the chicken fabric was perfect!!

It’s a bag meant to carry a quilt.  Oh I can see me using this bag LOTS!

When I got home in the mail was the greatest note.  It was from the gal that manages our local vet clinic, Lori.  I have known her for several years.  We’ve swapped stories and woes when I’ve been in to pick up medicine and supplies for the farm.  She’s a real sweetheart.   She knows I donate quilts to causes and sent me a gift certificate to use at the local quilt shop as a way of “paying it forward” along with sympathies about Gracie’s passing.

Honestly…Thursday was one of my best days.  Connecting with people who are kindred spirits means so much more than a clean house, a perfect schedule, or accomplished work.  It’s one of those little life lessons I wish I would have learned earlier in life.

5 thoughts on “Meeting Lani”

  1. Two years ago, I traveled from Cancun to a camp facility in Knoxville, TN to meet with internet friends that iced decorate cookies, like I do.
    While at the Dallas Airport, the Immigration Officer asked what was the purpose of my flight. I told him, and he responded: “Lady! You don’t know these people! How can you travel to a foreign country, and plan to stay with complete strangers in cabins in the middle of Tennessee!” He told me to practice internet safety rules…
    I guess we trust bakers and sewers, lol

  2. Jo~what a true surprize for you to dovote a whole blog entry to meeting me. I loved reading it! I had such a blast at camp and one of the highlights was getting to meet you. Thank you so much for rearranging your busy schedule and making the long trek over to Country Threads. I know you have so much on your plate right now with the wedding and all…which makes your visit all that more special. Having dinner with you and Mary was fun too. She’s such a kick in the pants. Thanks again Jo for all you did to make my camp experience wonderful!

  3. Love the bag. I’ll have to keep a look out for the pattern. It would be the perfect thing for taking quilts to the guild meeting for show and tell.

    Glad you had a good day.

  4. Oh, Jo, you are so right – quilters are awesome! I have met so many online quilting friends in person and they are just stellar!!! Now they are not just online buddies, but good friends I would not want to live without!!! We are so blessed!!!

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