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I’ve said this before and it is so true.  I really enjoy meeting blog readers.  Long ago it I wasn’t as comfortable with it but now, I totally love it.  I think as I have more and more good experiences with it, I feel more and more comfortable.

It wasn’t that long ago when red flags were raised and waved at the prospect of meeting anyone in person that you had originally met online.  The first time I met a blog reader my kids were appalled to think I would even consider it and insisted that one of them go with me.  It’s not like I was meeting them in a dark alley.  I was meeting them at a quilt shop!!

Last week I got a note from one of my volunteer binders, Janet Rice.  She’s an Iowa girl like me only she lives in Des Moines.  She has a daughter that lives in West Union which isn’t far from my house.  She was cleaning out some things from her grand kids and wanted to know if I’d like them….of course I said yes.

We made arrangements that Janet and her husband would stop by in the afternoon on Friday.

Well Friday was a wild day with the kids…really wild and my house was covered in toys…but Janet and her Hubby didn’t care.


They didn’t stay a long time….but long enough that I had a chance to talk a bit and learn a little about her.  I love that….

The kids loved the visit too.  In a flash they were off and playing with the little grocery shopping cart that I Janet had brought.  One of the kids grabbed the coloring books and stickers and put them right away where they go.  The shopping cart has continued to be a huge hit with the kids.  So much so that I’m thinking I’ll probably have to get another one.

As I said, Janet is a volunteer binder so she asked if I had any quilts to bind.  I did.  I sent this one with her.


The one I showed last week with the candy on it was finished but was still on the frame.  Otherwise I would have sent that one with her too.  It’s so nice when I don’t have to pay money for postage.

Janet is attending the retreat.  I’m so happy.  It’s great because I feel like I’ll be able to recognize someone and that I’ll be able to build on our budding relationship.

Janet did have one question for me.  I’m guessing other curious minds might be wondering too….She was wondering if our son Buck has a real name.  All of our other kids have “K” names….Kelli, Kayla, Karl and Kalissa.  Well he does.  Buck’s real name is Kasjen.  It’s pronounced Kash-en.  It’s his great grandfather’s name.  It’s been a family name for a LONG time.  People on Hubby’s side of the family were named Kasjen John or John Kasjen for several generations.  Sometimes it was spelled with a “C” and others with a “K”.    We liked the name and wanted to keep it in our family..and it was a “K” name.

From early on we called him Buck after someone who had trouble remembering how to pronounce his name asked us, “How’s that little Buckwheat doing?”.  At first we called him Buckwheat and then is was shortened to Buck.

EVERYONE around here calls him Buck but when he moved to Cedar Rapids, everyone from that way calls him Kasjen.

That’s the answer to Janet’s question….I really appreciate the visit and the goodies.  Thanks so much Janet!!  I’ll see you in August.

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  1. That’s so funny jo. I noticed all of your kids had K names but it didn’t even occur to me to wonder why Buck wasn’t a K name!

  2. Hi Jo…you were one of the first people I met after reading their blog for a long time. I really enjoyed our visit at Country Threads! You went way out of your way to come meet me..I was so impressed. Then we got to meet up again at your wonderful retreat! I so enjoyed visiting with you. Hi to you and Kelli!

  3. It is always nice to put a face to a name! Your smiles say it all!

    I love your son Buck’s given name. I am going to guess it’s Scandinavian? I love unusual names. I was the only Karen I knew till high school. And then she spelled her name Karyn. It was as if she had a part of me, it was a very wieird feeling. (We actually ended up being friends and study partners.)

    For that reason, we gave our three children unusual names. Our oldest was three days old before my hubby and I agreed on a name. He named our second daughter but I decided on the spelling. I wanted to name our son after our fathers but when he was born he didn’t look like a Barry, (but I knew in my heart it would start with a B) My poor dad lost out again in the name game. But we did give our son his middle name after my hubby’s father and grandfather. Another name fact in our families, each of us 4 girls gave my dear Mama’s name as the middle name of one of our daughters! My only grandniece also shares that name.

  4. Good morning. I am doing a segment on using up your panels for our guild meeting on Monday. Would you mind if I put a copy of your abc quilt in our newsletter ? I would give you credit of coarse. Our program theme this year is using what you have in your stash.
    Also my friend and I are attending the Bonnie hunter and Kelli and Jo retreat this summer. This is my second time and am looking forward to going! And really like the quilt you have chosen for the class. I already have my fabrics picked out!!

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