Meet Up with Ray and Friends

Friday was our meet up day with Ray. I’ve never done anything like this so I really didn’t know what to expect. I know many people are still working so didn’t know if Fridays are a good day…didn’t know if a weekend day would be better but then people have things going on then. We settled on Friday and hoped for the best.

There weren’t a lot of us but I think we all left happy that we spent the day with each other.

Going around the table left to the back and right back to the front are…
Cheryl, Connie, Gloria, Ray, Ray’s daughter Amanda. The Cresco Ladies, Sandra, Donna, and Sylvia. Then me and Karen.

Besides Ray and Amanda, I hadn’t met Cheryl or Karen. I have exchanged emails and goodies with both of them the in the past but I had no name and face to put together.

Before we met, Ray and Amanda had met up with a blog reader, Colleen. She passed fabric to Ray and Ray brought it and shared it with us! They met in JoAnn’s parking lot. FUN!!

Before I tell you more about the day I want to give a HUGE shout out to my son Karl. He is the one who suggested we meet here. It was the perfect location for what we needed. We arrived at 11 am and I think it was later than 4 pm when the last of us left. We never felt rushed or hurried. We had PLENTY of room and the food was GREAT!!

A couple of us ordered this pizza. I don’t remember the name of it but it had halved cherry tomatoes, pepperoni, and sweet corn on it. There were other things too…but YUM!! It was very seasonal and very farm country eats.

We sat around and chatted. It was so good to be with people who shared common interests. It’s always good when quilters are with quilters. We don’t have to explain the madness of the hobby. HA!

This is Sandra at the end of the table with Ray. Many of you have wanted to know about the Cresco Ladies. My main contact is Sandra. She, along with Donna, are the main two who coordinate things. They are workers for sure.

It is Karen and she finishes community quilts too. She is gearing up to do more. (By the way: Check out her HUGE salad) Karen is from Indiana and came to Minnesota for the meet-up. She actually has family nearby so made the trip into a “two birds and one stone” trip. She could meet with us and visit family. Perfect!

Karen talked with us about a project that she is gearing up for and working to help with. It involves community quilts. She brought some information about it and gave it to me. I plan to do a write-up about it here on the blog for next week. I’m hoping some of you might be willing to help Karen. It’s a great project and Karen and I are happy to be able to tell you more about it.

It was a great day. I had a lovely time. I am so appreciative of Ray for suggesting this meet-up. I never dreamed I would have a chance to meet him. I was able to apologize in person to Ray. When I first heard from Ray it was through email. The email was from raylagrange. I just made the assumption that the person’s first name was Rayla and the last name was Grange. I was wrong. Ray was a guy quilter and his last name is LaGrange.

It was great to hear his story about how he got to longarming. As I said and keep saying, it was a great day.

BUT, it gets…

even better.

You might remember my super shy Australian Shepherd Simone. Thursday night before the meet up I was messaging my friend Connie. I thought she might be coming to the meet-up but didn’t know for sure. I messaged her and then had an idea that I was going to put a bug in her ear.

Connie recently lost her husband and the house is quiet. She thought about getting a dog but then changed her mind. She thought about getting a cat but didn’t. She’s previously had cats and was a great cat mom. I had the idea that Simone would be the perfect dog for Connie.

Simone needed someone with a quiet house. She needed someone who was willing to go slow and be patient. Oh my word, Connie all of those things!! So I put the bug in Connie’s ear that maybe she should meet Simone. Maybe the two were destined to be together.

So Connie and talked at the meetup. I talked with everyone and told them about Simone and Connie and guess what? Connie decided to come to my house after the meet-up and would meet Simone.

I warned her and told her Simone is scared and timid. Connie came in and was immediately on the floor and loving on her. I didn’t get a good picture of them together. To be honest, I don’t know that Simone was ready for a formal picture. She is so uncertain. I did get this picture. It’s Connie signing the adoption papers!!

YES!! Connie did adopt her!! It took some scrambling to get the forms all through and in order but it worked out perfectly.

Connie didn’t have a kennel or anything for a dog. Remember she came expecting to meet quilters, not adopt a dog!! HA!!

I ended up following her toward her home. I had Simone with me. She ran into Walmart and got the first round of doggie goodies. Then we transferred Simone to her car and they were on their way headed to Connie’s house.

I am SO HAPPY for the two of them. Connie has changed her name to Sophie. That’s very fitting for her. She’s a soft, gentle girl and the sound of that name makes me think that.

So…I had a fabulous day. I met up with quilting friends and met new ones too!! I also found the best home for my foster dog…and helped Connie find the perfect new furball!! It couldn’t have been a better day…unless maybe I also won the lottery…but I never buy a ticket so, I think this is the best day I could ever have.

Make sure to stop back next week and learn about the project that Karen is working on. It’s a good one many of us will want to support!

30 thoughts on “Meet Up with Ray and Friends”

  1. I’ve been waiting to hear if Connie adopted your sweet dog. I’m thrilled for both of them. I’m hoping a follow up report will happen. Hello to Connie!

  2. Oh, Jo, I’m so happy your friend Connie adopted your sweet foster dog. She is a beautiful dog who has had a hard life. Now she can be a spoiled baby like she deserves.

  3. Hi all! I’m so glad you got together! Karen is who I first started binding for when she finished quilts for you Jo! I’m so excited she got to come meet you and even more excited to know what she’s going to share with all of you! Thank you Jo for your inspiration to us!

  4. Oh what a fun day!! So glad Connie adopted Sophie (yes, that name really fits her). You will be able to keep good tabs on this pair. Sophie is a very pretty dog. Your friends need to watch out or you will have all of them with new dogs! Just kidding, but you do know how to match people with the perfect dogs.

  5. Totally AWESOME!! It was like meeting family that I had never met before. Another great excuse to get back to MN more often.

  6. Where did you eat? The pizza looks amazing. Maybe I missed the establishment’s name. And Bernadette has made some awesome quilts. I have seen them a few years ago

  7. Margaret Tobin

    I signed up 3 times and I still can’t find out about your new job. Very frustrating because I follow you and all your wonderful adventures. I am missing out.

    Please fix this
    Thank you
    All the best, Margaret ‍

  8. Barbara Fairfax

    Like Margaret above, I can’t find out about your new job. All it says is that it can’t find it! I follow your blog every day and am anxious to know what “ mischief” you have gotten yourself into now. You have so many talents. Hope you will resend it tomorrow.

  9. I wanted so much to come to the meet up! I had other plans that day yet it was so good to read about it and see the pictures. I sent Ray some fabric about a year ago. Aww. And I support shelters and love reading about your fosters, Jo. I have had many rescues over the years and they all hold a special place in my heart. I am a long armer and do mostly QOV for the Floyd County Iowa chapter. Some day when I retire I want to be added to this quilting list! It might be a few years off though! Haaa. I read your posts everyday. I love them. All the best, Jen

  10. Like the couple of comments above when I tap read more on your job post I get get a message “page can’t be found. “

  11. It sounds like you had an amazing day, Jo! How lovely to meet up with Ray and the others.
    I’m so glad Sophie has found her forever home with Connie. You’re like a canine matchmaker! :))

  12. Wow! I’m sure it felt great connecting with all these folks in person. Not to mention the added benefits of a home for Sophie. I can’t wait to hear about the project.

  13. Oh wonderful day for so many reasons. I love that I can put faces to everyone who helps out with these gorgeous quilts. And am so glad that Connie and Sophie are together!
    Love and prayers

  14. Sue Stringfellow

    I don’t think your next post posted- I tried several different ways on different devices and nothing comes up- the one that starts out that you’re driving home.

  15. I’m so glad you took the pictures at the meet up. It looks like a wonderful time for all. What a perfect match for Connie and her new Sophie, yea! I must check out the Four Daughters Winery next time I travel thru MN to see family.

  16. Phyllis Klosterman

    Good t0 see faces to go with the name ‘Cresco’. Now if someone would tell me what ‘Cresco’ is. A place or a thing? Whatever it means, the women do great work!

  17. Oh, what a thoroughly grand day!! I had really wanted to join (especially as it is a rather “close” drive for me, compared to the distance others had to drive), but yes, it was a work day.
    Looking forward to hearing about Karen’s project!

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