Meet Up Reminder and a Community Quilt Finish!!

This blog post came through garbled for some readers. I decided to try to repost it and see what happens. Here goes…

Hello…I’m just popping in with a friendly reminder. You might remember I told you in an earlier blog post that Ray the quilt finisher was going to be in Minnesota. He offered to meet up with anyone who wants to come.

I have gotten a few emails from people saying they are coming so I’m getting even more excited. I got an email from Karen Grant. She is another quilt finisher. She is going to travel and come our way too. Oh, I was happy to hear that.

The plan is to meet at Four Daughters Winery outside of Grand Meadow, Minnesota. HERE is a link to their website so you can see the place and get directions…maybe check the menu if you have food concerns.

They open at 11 am and I plan on being there then. Everyone can trickle in and hopefully, we can all enjoy a noon meal together. We don’t have any real ending time…whatever works for anyone’s schedule is great.

I’ve talked with a few of the gals from the Cresco Ladies group and they plan on coming. Anyone else who wants to come is totally welcome to come. I talked with Doreen who has donated backing fabric and goodies to Ray. She lives close to me so we might carpool.

No program is planned. It’s more of a meet and greet. Ray and I are both so excited to visit with anyone who wants to travel our way. Grab a friend or come alone…We’ll all be friends soon.

I’m so hoping to meet all of you and get to know some of the blog reader and community quilt helpers better. Oh, this will be fun. Someone mentioned name tags and that was a great idea. I am so terrible with names.

For those of you who can’t come, I’ll try really hard to take some pictures so you too can put a name with a face. You know that’s the terrible thing about online relationships…the name with a face thing.

Before I let you go, I thought I would show you one of Ray’s latest finishes…

Ray writes:
I finally got the binding on this wonderful top from Paulette H in WI.

I have never seen a sampler-type quilt with such large blocks. Not only that but they are not squares. Love the change.

Paulette included the red binding to add some red to the mainly blue and white top. Because the blocks were larger, I could easily use the kindling motif which is large and a red thread.

The backing is from Arline H stash and just seemed to be the right addition.

My thanks to you, Paulette, and Arline for a beautiful quilt for a worthy veteran.

Wasn’t that a great quilt?? I too love the big sampler blocks and seeing something a little bit different. Thanks to everyone who helped this quilt become a finish!!

If you are coming to the Meet and Greet and want to bring items to donate or quilt tops to finish, that would be just fine. Ray or any finishers who are coming might not be able to take anything with them but I will take it home and use the postage fund dollars to send it where ever it would need to go. THANKS so much!!

I can’t wait to see everyone!! See you on Friday!!

24 thoughts on “Meet Up Reminder and a Community Quilt Finish!!”

  1. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Hi Jo…completely unrelated subject…I’ve looked at the Tea Party pattern online. However, the American Jane pattern doesn’t show the BACK of the pattern, and I would like to know before I buy it what size the squares (or strips used to make them) are. Thanks.

    1. They say the finished size is 55” x 55”. If you count the number of squares along one side, and divide that into 55, you’ll get an approximate idea of the size of the squares. Don’t forget to add seam allowances to the squares after you do the division. And before doing the division, add a bit to the number of squares (or subtract a bit from the 55”) for the very narrow borders. In their defense, if they posted the size of the squares, people would just make the pattern from the picture.

  2. I think that the pattern for that large block sampler is on JoAnn Fabric’s wTebsite. Have fun at the get together. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ooooooooo I wish I lived closer. The meet and greet sounds Iike fun and I know you all will enjoy it. I have a suggestion to make (hope you don’t mind) in addition to the names on the name tag, also show your user name from your comments on the blog. Karen in FL (for instance) doesn’t readily identify me. I think there are several of us in FL.

  4. It will be fun for those of us who can’t come to see the pictures you take. Mary had a good idea when she suggested people include themselves in their quilt pictures that get sent to her. It is fun to put a face to the name. You all have a fabulous time!

  5. Judith Ann Gebhardt

    Can you ZOOM for those who would LOVE to be there but can’t…………………. just a thought

  6. Great quilt and so unique. I really like the quilting too. Hope you all have a good time meeting in Minnesota. I’m trying to remember where Grand Meadow is – I used to live in Rochester, oh my – that was 40 years ago!!

  7. I wish I was closer so that I could attend your meet up! However, I’m in Florida in the winter time if anyone wants to have a get together down there I am

  8. I really enjoy reading your blog every day, but several times the link comes to me
    as computer garbage, and very unreadable for me. Is there anything on your side of the blog that can fix this problem?

    1. Hi Judy. We have worked and worked to try to fix it. We haven’t given up trying to find the problem. We get it fixed. It works just fine for several days and it’s back again. It’s frustrating for me too.

  9. Hi Jo, sometimes your blog does come scrambled, but lately have found that a couple of hours later all is well. Must be lost in translation?! But always enjoyable.
    Cheers, Dot.

  10. I get your emails at night with 2 or 3 in one post. Sometimes one is garbled with white letters on a black screen. I’ve found that if I don’t delete the email and open it again in the morning it magically corrects itself overnight. So just save the email for 12-24 hours and it should work fine.

  11. Jo—who is the longarm quilter you use there in your home town? I know you have published her name and contact information, but I am unable to find it. I would like to try someone different and your person does extraordinary work. Thank you.

  12. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary last Sunday at Four Daughters Winery. You will enjoy the atmosphere and food!!! The owners and staff are all wonderful and welcoming. Maybe it will be a cooler day so you can sit outside! Have a great time! Look forward to the pictures!

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