Meet Up: Can you help Karen?

You might remember I told you last week that several of us had a meet-up. One of the people who came was Karen. In the past, she has finished some quilt tops for our community quilt project.

She’s ready to start finishing some more quilts. The problem is she needs some quilt tops. Do any of you have some you can send…but wait, let me tell you a little more about the organization she is working with.

I’m putting a picture of Karen in here so you can put a name with a face.

Karen recently retired so she has time to devote to helping others.

Have you heard of Sleep in Heavenly Peace? There are chapters across the US and in other countries as well. It’s an organization that helps kids to have a bed to sleep on. Throughout the US and other countries, kids are sleeping on the floor, on couches, on a blanket on the floor and or other places besides beds.

The group believes that beds are a basic need for proper physical, emotional, and mental support and they want to help provide that.

The group has recently teamed up with Quilts Across America to make sure that kids not only get a bed but also have a quilt to sleep under.

That’s where Karen comes in…and you can come in too.

Karen is in need of quilt tops. These are the requirements:
-size between 50-60″ wide and 75-90″ long
-simple quilt designs are preferred
-colors and designs that appeal to kids and young adults from 3-17 years of age
-no religious, holiday or fabric with words
-quilts must be quilted not tied
-machine bound is preferred
-no buttons or embellishments
-simple overall quilting is recommended

Do you have a quilt top that meets these requirements? Karen would love to finish it for you and pass it along to go with a bed that is being built. Are you interested in making a quilt top to meet those needs? This is an ongoing project so there is plenty of time to make a top and send it Karen’s way. Remember the top doesn’t have to be elaborately pieced…a simple charm square quilt would be appreciated.

If you have a jelly roll race quilt top laying around that you never did get to the longarmer, Karen would love to get it from you and finish it for donation.

Karen is also hoping to provide a sheet set with every finished quilt…so if quilting isn’t your thing, you could always donate a set of sheets for a single bed.

Contact Karen for any questions about donating sheets or quilts tops or for her mailing address:

Karen is working in her area as there is a group chapter there. She would also like to encourage any of you to look and see if there is a chapter in your own area. HERE is the link to find a chapter near you.

You can find out more about Sleep in Heavenly Peace HERE.

It sounds like a great organization. Karen is really excited to be a part of the organization and excitement is contagious. I ended up going to my house and sorting through recent quilt top donations with the intent to see how many met the size guidelines.

I had two and both are from Connie…both are this similar design.

I sorted to see who else I would send tops to. I ended up pulling these two with dogs on them that the Cresco Ladies made. I’m going to finish them and donate them to the upcoming benefit for the rescue I work with. That’s in November so I have time to finish them. Aren’t they cute?

I only had two tops here that met the guidelines. I am hoping a couple of you might have tops you could donate as well. Again, here is Karen’s contact email.

Thanks so much for helping!!

If you would like me to feature your charity quilt endeavors and needs, I am open to featuring one group every 3-4 weeks. I would need information about your group along with your requested need. So many people want to help but rarely know where to donate to. You can email me about your group at this address THANKS.

12 thoughts on “Meet Up: Can you help Karen?”

  1. Cynthia from Nebraska

    I’m not sure every chapter takes quilts. The website of the Nebraska chapter just mentions monetary donations to buy comforters.

  2. This sounds like a very good organization for quilt donations. Thank you for sharing a picture of Karen. It is fun to put face with name. I will consider making a quilt top for this.

    1. I have a few tops done. I will check to see if they meet minimum size. But I think they will be just shy of the 75 long. I will definitely keep this in mind as I ake tops going forward.

  3. It’s strange that you should mention this group. Our qult guild has just started making quilts for this organization. It seems like a very worthwhile cause.

    Karen thanks for taking on the finishing of some quilts for us who do not have a longarm. You can finish them faster then us with a sewing machine.

  4. Thanks Karen and thanks Jo for getting the word out. That’s who the larger quilt tops from Patty in Florida sent to me went! Karen is awesome for doing that! She also very active (like in very active president) in my guild! Thanks again everyone and Karen if you need help let me know! V

  5. I be long to Eastern Polk Quilters Guild …my quild has been making donation to this cause before Covid ….and continues to do so in the Des Moines area. They also take smaller quilts as sometimes the volunteeer that we worked with said she would take extra quilts
    And just give to the family …as some of the families are coming out of homeless and have nothing . And she said there are younger siblings in the home so can use small quilts . I would encourage Karen to contact the local guilds in her area there is probably a need for quilters
    Also there . There is big need for beds , quilts ,and bedding .

  6. It’s nice to put a face to a name! What a great charity; it’s shocking how many children don’t have a bed to sleep in.

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