Meet Sadie…My New Foster Pup

If you’ve been around here and read the blog for a while, you know my life is pretty crazy. I’m very flexible and things just fall into my lap. This story is another one of those… Grab a drink, this might be a long story.

Last week on Tuesday I look my daughter Kalissa’s boys, my daughter Kelli took her three and my daughter Kayla took her son and we all met at Fontana Park near Hazelton Iowa. Kelli had seen that had a little program where they talk about an animal. I think it’s every Tuesday morning over the summer but I’m not sure. This week it was supposed to be about bobcats.

The park has some animals who have been injured or animals who once were household pets. They are caged and on exhibit for park patrons to learn about. They only have about a dozen different animals and all can be found in Iowa.

The presentation was nice. First, she talked about bobcats and then took us to the bobcat exhibit. There she fed him and the talked some more.

Our kids all listened quite well and we had a fun time.

Gannon and Georgia along with Eli and Emmett were the real animal lovers. Above they watched the ducks eat and below they got to see a raccoon close up.

From there we walked a ways and saw the bison. Then we went into the exhibit building.

Jasper loved the exhibits.

It’s a free park and exhibit and it is run wonderfully. It’s very hands-on. It’s very kid friendly and very educational. I feel we are so lucky to have this in our area.

Here’s Gannon with his goofy smile showing off the live snake.

We were there for a total of two full hours. The kids were really good. Where can you take seven kids, they learn a lot and have a great time and it’s completely free. Nowhere. I highly recommend checking out your area conservation centers. Fontana is fantastic.

Kayla took over Anders duty while Kelli and I wrangled the others.

I told you this was going to be a LONG story….anyway, Kayla and Jasper went back towards home, and Kelli and I decided to hit up a couple of the Amish stores and get some groceries.

We went to one and then to the other. When we pulled up to the second one a little boy came out of the lean-to greenhouse that is attached to the store. We saw him with a puppy in a kennel. Oh, my heart broke. That greenhouse was so hot. There was no air movement. Ugh. What could I do? Nothing really.

I turned to go into the store and as I did, I saw the clerk taking down a sign that was on the door. It said, German Shepherd puppies for sale, $50 each. Whew. I figured the puppy was sold. They just put it in the kennel for a bit while the people finished shopping and then they would get it out of the greenhouse and take it home. Yep…that was it.

We shopped through the store. The kids were not nearly as good as they had been at the park. We needed to get heading towards home. Everyone’s patience was drying up.

I got to the counter and I could hear the puppy crying and crying from out in the greenhouse. What? The shoppers who bought him are still in the store? Oh, the puppy cried and cried. Just then I overheard the lady in front of me ask the clerk, what’s up with that puppy? The clerk said it is for free.

UGH. I can’t have the puppy in the greenhouse. It’s just not right. I immediately told the clerk I would take her. The words were out of my mouth before I could even think.

How was I going to get her home? She didn’t have a collar or leash. I had kids in the van. I didn’t have a kennel. Oh my word, remember some of the previous dogs I’ve transferred in my van? Remember the puking and pooping. Poor Carver was going to hate me….but he said he would take care of it on the way home.

I didn’t know if it was a male or female. We picked her up and checked. She’s a girl. We did find out that she is part German Shepherd and part Rat Terrier. I don’t see a bit of Rat Terrier in her except the one tip of her paw is white. She is eight weeks old.

So…that’s how I got Sadie.

Oh, she is a sweetie. The kids are all completely in love with her. I gotta admit, I am too.

She’s a licker!! If I’m holding her and make kissing noises, she immediately kisses me. SO CUTE!

Carver was so sweet with her on the way home. I was explaining to him that we had to take her because it was too hot in the greenhouse for her. He agreed. He said I bet she’s thirsty. He got the collapsable dog bowl out of the back. Then took his water bottle and said, “We’re pretty close to home. I’ll be okay. I’ll give her what’s left.” It about melted my heart.

Then a couple of more miles down the road he said, “You know Joey, she’s really cute. I bet she’ll go fast”. That is totally what a seasoned rescuer would say. It just made me laugh.

These kids are learning so much as they foster dogs with me.

On the way home I called the rescue coordinator- it was an ask forgiveness call. She was great with it and said she’s have done the same. Then I called the vet. The vet was able to get her in for an appointment that same day in just the amount of time I needed to get home, drop the kids off with Kelli and then take her back to the vet.

She checked out okay. She has a bit of umbilical hernia but it’s all okay. Surgery on it at this point would be cosmetic. The vet felt it would be something the new owner could opt to fix if they wanted when she was spayed…but nothing ever needed to be done.

She’ll be listed after her fecal sample comes back. Being she’s of unknown origin, we’re trying to be extra cautious with her.

I love Sadie’s story and I’d like nothing better than to keep her. She’s a pup that already feels like she has a bit of an “old soul’. A name like Sadie fits her much better than a name like Luna or Venus. But…I’m not keeping her. Two dogs are enough for me. Like always, I tell myself, if I keep another, I can’t really foster and goodness knows, I am needed to foster.

…and that my friends is the story of how I ended up fostering sweet little Sadie.

As always, you are welcome to apply for pre-approval for a pup. That way we can approve your home for a dog and then once the dog is available you can request a specific dog. You can find more information about HEART Animal Rescue and applications HERE.

14 thoughts on “Meet Sadie…My New Foster Pup”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    What a great day, topped off with a rescue!!! Now, which one of your kids needs a dog??? She’s obviously great with kids, rides well in the car…what more does anyone need???

  2. Oh my, what an angel! If I was closer I’d take her in a heartbeat but I’m in Southern California. Shepherds are my favorite and she looks like a sable which are just so pretty. I think Carver is right, she’ll find a home real quick. God bless you for taking her!

  3. It’s so nice the things you do with your kids and grandkids. Fun for everyone! And SO glad you showed up when you did and grabbed that poor baby pup! I agree that she’ll most likely go quickly. Your rescue organization does a GREAT job!

  4. You have a heart of gold, Jo. Thank you for picking up Sadie. She’ll go to a good home and she will be loved. You can tell she’s thankful just by the way she’s acting!
    Love and prayers

  5. Gloria from CC

    We stopped at Jo’s light night and met Sadie. What a beautiful dog. I hope a loving family adopts her. I asked Jo the same question about maybe one of her kids could adopt her.
    Your grandkids will grow up to be respectful, kind, loving adults because of your commitment to showing them how to treat animals and how much love/devotion they receive in return.

  6. What a great day with your grandchildren. It was good that you rescued that sweet puppy. What a kind little boy Carver is. He knows how to be selfless and take care of that puppy.

  7. It must be inevitable that you attract a dog in need. It is hard to believe that no one was interested in keeping this pup. She seems to have quite a charming and warm personality. Good for you Jo. So glad you had the chance to help her.

  8. I just love your foster stories! How fortunate you were there to save her! Good for you for not thinking twice. How sweet of Carver to share his water with a thirsty puppy. You teaching your grandkids all the right things. The world needs more big-hearted people. ❤

  9. Such a fun day and what a ending! Sadie is so cute and should find a home soon. I agree with the other blog readers stating that you are teaching by your actions. What a sweet puppy and family!!

  10. Jo, you being at the store at the right time was meant to be. Thank goodness you rescued Sadie. Carver is such a kind and caring boy; he’s a credit to you all.

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