Meet Reggie My New Foster

Hey everyone…I’m so excited. I have a new foster pup.

He is an eight-week-old King Charles Cavalier. I got him on Saturday afternoon. I was actually supposed to get another pup at the same time… this guy.

He is supposedly 8 weeks old but we’re questioning that a bit because he is only 1.9 pounds and for a pug at eight weeks, that’s really little.

Both of these guys came from a puppy mill. We are so glad to have gotten them.

The decision was made that being I’m going to have to take my foster pups with me to work every day, the pug probably shouldn’t stay with me. He needed a foster home that would be with him for more hours than I could be and with a foster that had a better way to isolate him until we knew for sure he was in good health. So I just kept the one pup.

He went to work with me and we squeezed him into the schedule so he could be neutered and caught up on shots. He’ll be ready for adoption mid-week or so depending on how he does with recovery.

So you might be wondering if I named my pup…well actually my son Buck did.

I send pictures in the messenger group I have with my kids. I sent them all a picture of him and then said he was a King Charles Cavalier. Buck immediately wrote back, “I could see naming him Reggie (short for Sir Reginald Duke of Chutney)”. That made me laugh so Reggie he is.

I have a feeling he will be snatched up quickly as he’s a sweet and cute little guy. If he’s still with me by the time next Sunday rolls around he’ll be going to the “meet and greet” foster event our group is hosting at LuLu and BB’s in Decorah.

If anyone is interested, you would need to fill out an application at HEART Animal Rescue. You can find them HERE.

I also wanted to say a huge thank you to those of you who sent gift cards, and money for me to buy gift cards or goodies to help out with the fundraiser we are hosting. A bit ago I put out a call to anyone who wanted to help the rescue. Some people sent gift cards, others checks or cash for me to buy gift cards. I’m putting things together in a basket and will really work on that Thanksgiving week and get it to the rescue group fundraiser coordinators so it’s ready for the auction. It’s an online auction and anyone can participate. They will host it HERE on their Facebook page.

If you planned on sending something and forgot or if you never saw the original post asking for donations, no problem. I can still take more donations. The preference is for gift cards (or money and I’ll buy them) that would be able to be used in the tri-state area of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. I could still use gift certificates from McDonalds, Culvers, Subway, Walmart, Hyvee, Caseys, or large chain store restaurants. If you’re local, any local restaurant, coffee shop, or business gift certificate would be great too. I am getting close to having enough for two baskets so hopefully we can meet that goal. There is still plenty of time to send something if you are interested.

So that’s the latest on the rescue group I work with. I’m off to go love up on Reggie…and take him out to go potty. I forgot about how much work a puppy is, but even with the extra work, I’m happy to be fostering again.

P.S. A HUGE shout-out to the vet office that I work at. They are letting me bring the pup to work with me!! Without their support, it would be hard for me to foster. Having foster pups home alone for that long is too much.

10 thoughts on “Meet Reggie My New Foster”

  1. So happy you do this!! One lucky pup. I wish him luck finding the best parents in the world!!! I am to old and have to dogs 15 and 16. dockson in a wheelchair.
    God bless you,

    1. Hi Jo, your dogs are precious. It is hard to care for them because you have no idea what they have been through.
      I hope you are feeling better yourself. I have followed you for awhile
      (Since your husband passed). I love all your posts I was wondering if you gave up quilting for awhile or forever?
      Also your mom sounds very special.
      Take care Wendy Dillon

  2. What a sweet looking puppy and Reggie is such a good name for him. You have certainly found the perfect place to work. They seem to be so accommodating. Of course they know they have such a good employee too! I wish Buck would have named our dogs that we just adopted, the previous owner’s son named them and one is named Avalanche and the other Blizzard!

  3. Jo are you familiar with the story: Piglet the unexpected story of a deaf blind pink puppy and his family. Author Melissa Shapiro, dvm ?

  4. Those King Charles Cavaliers are so adorable! That little pug definitely is either way too young or not at all well. It’s nice to see people like you who are taking these poor dogs in and taking care of them, even if just temporarily. Those puppy mills should be shut down for good.

  5. How can I get back on your mailing list? I haven’t received your emails for almost 3 weeks? I enjoy your Blogs, especially about the dogs, I am looking for an adult or senior dog, they are hard to find, would consider a bonded pair.

    1. We have two dogs that might be one you’d be looking for. If you follow the Heart Animal Rescue Page on Facebook you would see Sylvia, white bichon who is five years old and Jason(grey & white shih tzu) who is ten.

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