Meet My New Pup!!!

Grab a cup of coffee.  This is a long post.

You all heard my sad news from Sunday, my beagle Ruby, of seven years passed away.  I used to tell my kids as an explanation of someone dying that they got so sick that the doctor couldn’t fix them anymore so they died.  I think that’s the best description of what happened to my Ruby girl.

Well after we left the vet Kelli and I started talking.  When was the right time to get a pup.  Was there ever a right time?  Was there ever a wrong time?  I knew I wanted another dog…but when?

We feared that getting a pup might take awhile.  We know people often get pups at Christmas time and figured there would be none to be had so we could look as there wouldn’t be any anyway.  So we did.

There really weren’t any.  We looked and tried to find some.  Admittedly there were a few but I refused to pay $1000 to $1200 for a pup.  That was too much for me.  I wasn’t interested in a show or breeding dog.  I only wanted a family pet.  To me, paying that amount of money wasn’t necessary for the type of dog I wanted.

We agreed with my vet that with my crazy household with in home childcare and lots of small kids around, it would be best if we got a puppy.  We checked the Humane Societies and even went so far as to look in neighboring states, but still we found no puppies through the Humane Societies.

The best I could find in my price range were pups, no pictures of them, but they would be ready at the end of January.  That seemed like a long time.

Part of me wanted a puppy right away.  I couldn’t help but think of a friend of mine when they lost their cat.  They were devastated and seriously were sliding towards depression when one of them said enough and they went and got a cat.  Slowly, things got better for them.

I’ve had a lot of heartache this year and I know myself.  I too could easily slide that way into depression.  Losing Ruby was so hard….and being in the house without her clicking nails on the wood floor was already getting to me.  I thought it would be okay to get a pup right away.

I did have a little bit of a criteria.  Did you know that there are several different colorings for beagles?

Image result for beagle coloring variations

Ruby was the black, tan and white (the one on the upper right corner).  Puppycat, Kelli’s beagle, is the first one pictured (upper left).  She is the classic, black, red and white.  That’s what I wanted.  I love the coppery color.  When I got Ruby, I didn’t know there was a such thing as black, tan and white.

Did you also know that beagles can some in different sizes.  Betsy, Kalissa’s beagle, and Puppycat are both 13″ beagles.  Ruby was a 15″ beagle.  It only sounds like 2″, it isn’t much, but it is.  Kelli would ask me why I didn’t let Ruby on my lap.  Ruby was too big to be a lap dog….She sat on Kramer’s lap in the recliner, but she was too big for me.  Puppy and Betsy could both be okay in a small kennel.  Not Ruby.  She had to have a medium sized kennel.  After all the carrying of Ruby I did over the last few days of her life, I knew I wanted the smaller sized beagle if possible.

So my criteria:
Classic coloring of red, black and white
If possible the classic white blaze in the middle of their head
A female
Closer to the $500 range in cost
13″ size
Not a state away if possible
Available sooner vs later

My first place to check was Lonesome Grove Beagles.  I have followed them for a long time.  They have a Youtube channel that they post puppy videos to and they are so fun to watch.  I didn’t get the puppy mill feeling from them at all.  They didn’t have puppies.  They didn’t even have any expecting.  UGH.

So then we started googling “Beagle Puppies Iowa”.  We got a few places.  Some I got a big breeder feeling from.  UGH.  Most didn’t have puppies available.

We looked and looked…then we started typing in searches for puppies in neighboring states.  UGH.  Seriously, this was not easy.  No exaggeration at all, Kelli and looked for puppies online for about 3 hours with both of us doing independent searches.  Finally Kelli got a lead.  Someone who knew someone, just got a puppy not long ago in Farmersburg Iowa.  Kelli tried to contact that someone.

Then Kalissa found a puppy website called Puppyfind.  She found someone who had a puppy in Farmersburg Iowa.

I wasn’t too excited about this.  Doesn’t a website called “Puppyfind” sound a little puppy mill-ish?  Kalissa sent a link with pictures.

They were only this small.  I was hard to see them.  We tried to get more information about the puppy but, we had to $5.95 to see the information.  UGH.  We did and found out the information.

I called and found out the pup was born 9-2-2019.  Hmm.  She’s older than some.  This would make her 16 weeks old.  I thought I was okay with that.  The town was about 50 minutes away.  We ended up making an appointment to see her the next day.

Then I started second guessing myself.  I forgot to ask if she was a 13″.  Was I doing this too quick.  Was I making decisions while grieving?  AHHH.  Was this the right thing??

The next day I met Kelli and Georgia and we started traveling in the direction of the puppy.  I realized I didn’t have a collar, toys, a bed, dog food…the whole list of things you need for a puppy.  Kelli and I made a couple stops along the way.  Then I berated myself.  Were you actually getting a puppy?  I reasoned out that I was going to get a puppy.  I just didn’t know when.  Even if I didn’t get THIS puppy, I was still going to get a puppy.

I felt terrible too.  I didn’t want to not honor Ruby by getting a puppy so quick.  I also remember terribly grieving after Gracie died and waiting the month for Ruby.  No.  I didn’t want to do that.

We found the place where the puppy was and went into the house to visit.  I should have known better.  I don’t think I could ever say no to a puppy.  This is the lady that raised her.

I didn’t get to see the parents but was offered that I could.  I did ask if she was a 13″ beagle and she was.  I was told she was really patient and very mellow.  I hoped it was true.

I handed over the money and we were on our way.  Kelli was so sweet, she offered to drive but I said she could snuggle the puppy.  I have the rest of my life to snuggle her.

She had all of the good puppy smells.  She was just perfect…or at least in my eyes to this point.

From here we decided to stop at Forest Mills Quilt Shop.  We hadn’t been there in a bit…  I’ll tell you all about that stop when I tell you what I bought there in Sunday’s Stash report.  For now, I’ll tell you more about the pup.

Notice I write “the pup”.  She was nameless.  The night before Kelli and I had made a list of names.

Here’s a few that were on it.  Nelly was her name from the breeder.  I didn’t like that.
Holly-she was a Christmas Puppy

After thinking long and hard…I liked Pippa.  I really liked Pippa.  Then I got thinking there is a show on TV called Peepa Pig.  I was sure the childcare kids would call her Peppa instead of Pippa.

Image result for peppa pig
Did I care?  Maybe I should just call her Peepa.  Ah.  I didn’t like that as much.

…and so it went.  She went an entire day with no name.  Then a few more names for added to the list.

All of my kids and the grandkids and even a family of childcare kids put in votes.  For me…nothing seemed right.  I was teetering between Rosie and Pippa/Peppa.

Carver came to meet her and said, “Why you call her Peepa?”  UGH.  No, I don’t think I wanted Pippa.

Craig came for supper and I asked him what he liked from the list of names.  He liked Birdie.  So I tried that out for an hour or so.  No.  I didn’t like that.

Bailey…no too many dogs called Bailey.
Bella….again too many dogs named Bella.
Gemma…no one of my kids thought if they had a kid, they liked that name.

UGH.  I was going to bed and the pup didn’t have a name.  Then I thought Brigetta (like from the Sound of Music)  Yes.  I loved it.  Then I decided that the childcare kids will never be able to say it.

I reasoned ever possible reasoning for every name on the list.  Not “Dotty”.  She didn’t have dots.  UGH.  I hated this.

Karl told me, “Mom, it’s your dog.  Don’t worry about what the rest of us think or say, just name it what you want.”

I finally just went to bed…after all, Kalissa had told me several times to just sleep on it.  I tried to remind myself that whatever name we gave her, she would grow into.

The next morning I woke up….I was leaning towards Rosie.  It was one of the first names I liked.  I like that I had Gracie (my first beagle), then Ruby and now Rosie.  I like how they were all old fashioned names.  No one said no to that name.  Everyone kind of liked it.  Some names, some people didn’t like at all.

I liked Rosie as it was good for a puppy and good for an older dog name.  I felt like Pippa was more of a young dog name.

My kids started texting me asking if I decided.  I said I was leaning towards Rosie but wanted to have a good hashtag with her name if I was taking pictures of her and posting them on social media.  About then I got a message from Kelli that said…. “Call her Rosie with a hashtag of #pocketfullofRosie”.

That was it.  That’s how she became Rosie.

So far, she’s in love with me.  Seriously.

Where I am, she is.  I sat and ate supper.  She curled up at my feet and slept.

I knew she’d follow me when I wrote blog posts so I brought her new bed over and she fell asleep right by me as I am currently writing.

Kennel training is going really well.  She fussy for a bit at night, five or so minutes, but is soon over it and sleeps through the night.

She’s been practicing on her quilt sitting.  She isn’t the best at looking at the camera yet.  
We are working on her learning which are her toys and which are baby toys.  This one will be hard.
We’ve been on several walks already.  She does great.  She likes Puppycat and Betsy HATES Rosie.
Carver took this picture of me and Rosie.  I love it.
To date, I am so happy she came into my life.  It was the right choice for me to get a puppy right away.  I haven’t forgotten Ruby.  I can’t tell you how many times I think of her.  Rosie will walk with me and I’ll remember those first few walks with Ruby when she would bite at the leash.  I’ll remember how Ruby would go right for the dishwasher if it was open and how I didn’t like that, so I’ll shoo Rosie away.  Rosie will grab my shoe and run…and I’ll miss good old Ruby all the more.  There is something wonderful about a puppy…there’s something equally wonderful about an old dog.  Oh I miss my friend Ruby….but it’s Rosie’s turn now.  I’m going to love on her all I can.  She deserves as much love as I can give and the great thing, she’ll give it all plus some right back to me.  She already is.

So….Welcome to the Kramer house Rosie.  We love you already.


57 thoughts on “Meet My New Pup!!!”

  1. Congratulations and welcome Rosie. I’m sure she will bring years of companionship and love.
    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. When I saw Rosie on your list, I thought that was it. You had Gracie and Ruby and Rosie just seemed to fit in with them. Welcome Rosie to the Kramer klan. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congrats! I lost my dog Timber in late October. I live alone and it was so hard. I looked at pups but couldn’t find any that felt right. I then found this one random pup who I really wanted to meet. I went and we instantly clicked. Hickory came into my life and made everything so much better. I understand not wanting to wait but not wanting to dishonor Ruby. I felt the same way. Thank you for sharing your life and feelings with us. Have a wonderful rest of your holiday!

  4. Oh, she looks so sweet! Although I am a cat girl, i did fall in love with my daughter’s black pug pup who stayed with us when they honeymooned. His spot was between my feet on the foot of my recliner. Even at their house now, if I sit down in the recliner he sits and stares at me till I invite him up! Such a ham, too!

    Enjoy your puppy, you don’t have to justify the timing to anyone! I look forward to hearing about her as she grows. I’ve never known a beagle before. My childhood dog was 1/2 Australian Sheepdog, 1/2 coyote. My hubby’s childhood dog was a small poodle who would run over and bite me whenever we were alone in a room. 2 years later she knew who was alpha female and wouldn’t get up onto the couch when HH called unless I nodded my OK.

  5. Congratulations! So very very happy for you – Welcome Rosie – you’re going to have an incredible life with some amazing people!
    Love and prayers

  6. Jo – Rosie is just perfect! So cute! I love beagles. We had one named Jenny – she was about 17 when she died. We have 2 new pups in my daughters’ families – a yellow lab and a mini Australian shepherd. Both cute but such different personalities. The lab is mellow – the Aussie is wild. That’s ok – my daughter with the Aussie wanted a dog that would go horseback riding with her and be able to go all day. I think she found it! Rosie doesn’t know it yet but she just won the puppy lottery and ended up in a wonderful home!

  7. What a delightful story, Jo! So glad you are already working on the “quilt sitting” skills. Did you tell the lady about your blog so she can follow Rosie’s life from here on if she wants to? She would no doubt be tickled to see what a perfect home she has now. I am so happy for you! Can’t wait to hear how she does in the sewing room! And first day with childcare kids! Take care,

  8. Loved your post, Jo! We’ve always had beagles too – such a great breed! Our 14 year old dog had to be put to sleep last month. Our hearts are still aching, and wondering when is the right time to get another. Question – does this person near Farmersburg have any more puppies? Please email me contact info if she has more to sell. Thanks!

  9. oh your post is so timely! we just had to put down our GSD Rudy in October and were struggling with the same feelings of wanting to honor our Rudy but also wanting to get a companion pet for our little dog Rex. We ended up adopting a black lab puppy in November and he’s been a great addition to our family.

  10. Cheryl in St. Paul

    I love Rosie already! I think perhaps the greatest tribute to Ruby was needing to fill the overwhelming emptiness of her loss quickly. What a process to find the right puppy for you. Your diligent persistence surely paid off. She is beautiful.

    Wishing you lots of puppy snuggles and kisses!

  11. Congratulations to you and Rosie! We lost our dog, Lucy, my husband and I found ourselves avoiding being home without the other there. Too quiet. It took us 3 weeks to find our Molly and life is good! It seemed to soon for others but was just what we all needed.

  12. Absolutely adorable! You might remember that for most of our life, we’ve also had beagles! I’ve been in your shoes with wondering what is the right time to get the next one. But, we’ve also already had a second dog when the other one passed. Having that dog helps to ease the grief. It doesn’t diminish your love for Ruby. I’m so happy for you and little Rosie! Just love that you have her!

  13. Congrats Jo! There is never a wrong time to get a puppy. Rosie doesn’t replace Ruby, she will be her own puppy self. And she will be YOUR dog. Looking forward to seeing her grow.

  14. I think of getting a new pet not as replacing the old one, but a confirmation of how loved and important our previous fur family member was. I hope you and Rosie because fast friends. You look awful happy together already.

  15. When I saw Rosie on the list I was hoping you’d choose that name. It was the name of our beagle who we lost a little over a year ago. She was the sweetest little girl and I miss her every day. I look forward to watching your sweet little Rosie grow. I love beagles.

  16. I’m so glad you got Rosie. You will never forget your other dogs but this Rosie will help with your grief. I had a Rosie Basset Hound, a great name for this Beagle.

  17. Tanya Quilts in CO

    Good for you–I never understand the we need to wait to get another dog scenario. We prefer to have two dogs at a time in our family, but it seems like most of the time we have three. I also believe that the right dog comes along at the right time! Rosie is adorable and is necessary for your company and pleasure. Ruby would understand!

  18. I am so happy for you! There is nothing better than unconditional love from a dog and it looks like you and she are bonding already! We have always had dachshunds and a few other strays. You get used to the breeds and just want to repeat! Kramer and Ruby would have approved.

  19. We have lost two dogs in the last year and half, both we had to make that awful decision. We are in our late 60’s and have decided no more it is just too hard. But I may get a couple parakeets later. Glad you found your Rosie.

  20. Congratulations on your new pup! Rosie is adorable and looks like a perfect fit. You have a lot of patience to train a new pup with all you have going on, but you are obviously ready for it. Good luck! I wish you many happy memories and stories to come. Hugs!

  21. Rosie #pocketfullofposies is the best name and she looks like a Rosie. Lots of love your your family. Congratulations.

  22. Loved reading every bit of this post! What a wonderful, positive way to end 2019, after all that you have been through. Welcome, Rosie!!!

  23. You will make each other happy! Glad you got her now. Dogs are like kids… you can love many. Each for their own personality and quirks!

  24. She’s a beautiful puppy. Love the name too. I lost my 16 year old cat a couple years ago and missed him so much. I looked on the internet for a Siamese like him. I couldn’t afford one anymore. So I went to the shelter and got 2 kittens. I’m glad I did. They are good company.

  25. SusanfromKentucky

    Loved reading how you found Ruby. I know she’ll bring lots of happiness to your life. I don’t think I would have made it, myself, if my husband hadn’t gotten Tucker for me 13 days before dying. He’s my best companion! Welcome little Rosie!

  26. Rosie has such a sweet face! The childcare kiddies are going to love her. A 16 week old puppy will do better with the kids than an 8 week old. How is her house training doing? I always crated trained and that works wonders.

  27. Awwwww. What an adorable puppy❤️❤️. So hard to know when to get another dog after losing a faithful companion. But, I think you made the right choice. Rosie will keep you company for a long time. Great name, as well!!
    From One Rosie to
    Another Rosie

  28. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Your Rosie looks just like my Muffin…my childhood Beagle. She was 17 when she left us, decades ago. Beagles are a wonderful dog. Rosie looks like she adores you already and it is obvious that you are smitten. She will be loved by the kiddos. It is because you loved Ruby so much that you needed another Beagle to shower the love on. Your timetable is yours…no explanation necessary. Enjoy your newest family member!

  29. Please remember that Beagle rescue groups always have dogs of all ages that are waiting for good homes. Rescues do charge a fee, yes, but it hardly covers the costs they’ve invested in veterinary care, food, medications, spay/neuter, toys and sometimes even basic dog training. And it’s certainly less than what breeders charge. It would be wonderful if the word was spread that reputable rescue groups work hard to keep dogs from being put down in public shelters. Enjoy Rosie! She’s a sweetie.

  30. I’m so happy for you. Rosie is sweet and cute as a button. The picture of her on the quilt made me smile. The picture of you and Rosie melted my heart. Oh my word!

    You aren’t disrespecting Ruby at all. Ruby was a treasure and you missed her. Rosie is a puppy and will bring her own challenges training her. You’ll love every minute.


  31. So glad you have Rosie and decided not to wait. My cat of 14 years died last January and i decided to wait to get another pet. As you said I got depressed. Decide to get a puppy in July, but didn’t get her until last month as the breeder didn’t have puppies. So i now have my pup and the world is better! So glad Rosie came to be with you!

  32. She is adorable! You both were lucky to find each other. I had to put down my sweet Boston Sophie at the end of July and I miss her so much. She was my shadow. My life is in turmoil at this time so I can’t get another dog just yet. Enjoy your new friend. Their unconditional love is so amazing.

  33. How wonderful that you did not wait to get another fur baby. You knew what you wanted and and found the perfect one for you! I do not tear up easily but the picture that Carver took of you and Rosie (seriously he took a great picture!) did make me tear up. The picture of Rosie posing on with the quilt was precious.

  34. So Happy for you and her!! It’s meant to be!! Love her name and she is so pretty!!!
    Her companionship is just what you need.

  35. Welcome, Rosie! You are perfect! I know you will be awesome at quilt sitting! I look forward to seeing you again and again.

  36. Rosie is beautiful. Puppies are so much fun and a little work. I am so happy for you. Enjoy every minute with your new best friend.

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