Meet My New Bestie!

A post from Kelli–

For quite some time now, I have been adoring my mom’s Pfaff 1200 Grand Quilter.  When she originally bought the machine, she actually bought it for her original quilting frame.  After she upgraded to her Millenium, she didn’t quite know what to do with her machine.  She ended up keeping the machine and getting rid of the frame.  And ever since then, she’s been in heaven and I have been jealous!

I’ve been stalking Craig’s List and Ebay looking for the same machine.  I know it’s a beastly, heavy machine, so I figured that shipping would probably cost an arm and a leg.  I had found a few, but they were a bit more than what I was able to spend at the time.  I looked and longed.  I even told Jason about my search and encouraged him to look on Craig’s list to see if he could find me one.

And two weeks ago, I found one!

I stalked it religiously on Ebay and hoped…and prayed…  I had never bought anything on Ebay before, so I peppered the seller with questions about the machine and shipping and was super excited to find out that shipping would be the max of $50.00.

I even set an alarm to get up early on the morning of the ending date of the auction.  I stalked and watched–And it was mine!!!!  Wahooo!!!! Needless to say, I was just a little excited.

I stalked the ebay sale bill waiting for the shipping details and got a response the next Thursday. The seller had gotten an actual sewing machine box from a dealer in order to get everything packed up tight.  I had it by Saturday and I was ready to play!

After a quick trip to Waterloo with Mom on Saturday, I came home and was just putzing away like a madman!  I even told Jason that if he needed to work later on Sunday to go ahead because I wouldn’t get mad!

And play I have!  I’ve been working on some string blocks and going through bobbins like crazy! So needless to say, I’m a happy, happy girl!  Oh so happy!  If you are ever looking for a machine and want a smooth, fast lady, this is your girl!  She’s a pretty nice one!

14 thoughts on “Meet My New Bestie!”

  1. I have that same machine. I bought it to quilt on instead of my dsm(no frame). I liked it so much that I started doing all my piecing on it too.

  2. I have one but wasn’t happy bc I didn’t have the time to learn the in and outs of it. I wanted to have to so when I retired I would learn to quilt. Well a couple of health scares and now low patience I have it on a shelf. It was always breaking threads I think is why I quit working with it. Wish you lots of luck.

    1. Have you used it for a piecing machine only? Ours are FABULOUS for piecing but stunk as midarm quilting machines.

  3. Like your mom, I originally had a similar machine on a frame as my first attempt at long-arming. My setup came with the Viking MegaQuilter which is basically the same machine. Those straight stitch machines are awesome; powerful and fast. After a couple years of struggling to longarm on that wobbly frame, I bought a Millennium and never looked back. Have fun with your new toy!

  4. Sorry but my new singer quilting machine is so nice I just can’t imagine doing guilt for my business on anything else. Glad you have a great machine. The main thing is we quilt and enjoy it. Amen

  5. I’m so excited for you Kelli. Have fun with your new machine. What a wonderful story…brings back old memories. My husband bought me my first Sears machine for Christmas. I had no idea how to sew. Fun times. Made a lot of quilts on it.

  6. I have one also, with a quilting frame, all given to me. Haven’t used it yet on the frame. I’m glad to see so many of you happy with it just as a straight sewing machine in case I end up dumping the frame!!

  7. Bonnie Hurkmans

    I have had the same machine for years! Only my original machine was a Mega Quilter made by Husqvarna. The exact same machine you have under a different name. I managed to wear that one out (I got it used) and this time I bought the same machine again only now it’s made by Singer, and I hear from my dealer that Singer has now sold it! I didn’t know that it had been made by Pfaff too! An amazing machine no matter what name it’s under, a real work horse! Enjoy!

  8. Isn’t wonderful when you can get something you have hunted for a long time? Enjoy your new toy and may your bobbins never run out.

  9. Best machine ever. I love mine and use it for piecing but lately it is all I use for free motion and ruler quilting (I don”t have a frame for it). I purchased a ruler foot that fits the machine and a few rulers and now quilt my own instead of sending tops out for long arming. Enjoy it is a great machine!

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