Meet Bianca

I had a few people ask me about my foster pup so I thought would write a blog post and answer some of the questions.

I told you that I got a new Cocker Spaniel puppy I’m calling Bianca.  Admittedly, it often gets shortened to Bee.

So far she has been a harder-to-foster dog.  First off, she is all puppy.  She is super active.  She wants to romp and play continually.  Bee is either 100% going or she is napping.

She is a double merle meaning… two merle-colored dogs were bred and the result of the breeding often throws puppies who are either blind or deaf.  Bianca is blind in one eye.  Because of this she often runs in counter-clockwise circles so she can see the whole area as her bad eye is always to the inside of the circle and her good eye is to the outside of the circle.  I hope that makes sense.  This keeps her on the move a lot.  I have ZERO fears that this pup will ever be overweight as she is so active.

I find she does run into things…the iron board has been especially bad for her as it’s just the pieces of the stand coming down to the floor and not a solid object all the way to the floor.  She often misjudges the opening of the kennel as well and will hit herself on the side.

The double merle coloring does throw amazing beautiful dogs though and Bianca is no exception.  She is white, a lighter brown, and deep chocolate brown.

She is gorgeous!!  I just love her coloring.

I’m happy to say that Bianca’s hearing is really good.  I know that some people say if one sense of a person or animal is impaired, other senses are more heightened.  I would say this is true with her hearing.

She will be a dog that needs brushing and grooming.  Happily, she doesn’t mind being brushed.  I am continually working on that with her as it will be a lifelong experience for her.

She doesn’t mind being on a lap or being held but she doesn’t like me to hold her and walk.  I’m betting it’s confusing with her one blind eye.  The blind eye is on the white portion of her face.

Bianca is going to need a special home.  Sadly, any person who can’t have any sort of tripping hazard is out as an adoptee for her.  Bianca is a tripping hazard.  She doesn’t understand personal space at all.  The way she runs in circles, she wraps around my legs and to be honest, she’s a bit of a tripping hazard for me and I don’t have any mobility issues.  I do believe this is something she will grow out of at least somewhat as she becomes more comfortable with the surroundings of her new home and new family.  I think she needs some more self-confidence as well.

I would also suggest that any adoptees have a dog already.  Bianca gets a lot of clues about things from my other dogs.  With a blind eye, having a companion would be helpful.  I would also suggest a fenced-in yard because of her sight issues.  If she got away, it would likely be harder for her to find her way back home.

For a while, I was back to my nervous self wondering if we’ll be able to find a home for her.  Anytime a dog isn’t “perfect” my worrying always sets in a bit.  Then I remind myself that Connie adopted Rusty with his cherry eyes.  We found a home for Susie when she was so old….and remember I told you about Sophie the skittish puppy mill Austrailian Shepherd?  She got a home last week too.  Surely there is someone who has a little extra time to give to beautiful Bianca to help her be the best she can be.

House training has been a bit of a challenge for me.  Many dogs circle as their clue that they are going to relieve themselves and with her regular circling to see, I end up with mixed messages.  The two of us just haven’t made the click for me to say that house training is well underway as it typically has been with most of the dogs I foster.

I know there are some people who specialize in taking in dogs like Bianca.  They have time and patience to devote to them.  For a while, Karl dated a gal that had a deaf dog and the dog was amazing.  It learned to respond through hand commands.  It was so special to see them interact together.

So we’re looking for a special home.  I would suggest:
-all people in the house be mobile and sure-footed
-fenced yard
-have a fur sibling
-willing to tolerate extra time in house training

My house is a little hard for her as I’m popping up an ironing board or kids are pulling toys out onto the floor…or I’m moving furniture around.  There is almost too much stimulation and changes.

I am sure Bianca will become more sure of herself and her surroundings as she ages and gets into a permanent home.  If you know of someone who might be interested in Bianca please share this blog post with them.  Anyone who is up for both a challenge and some cuddling (because she enjoys that) can put in an application to adopt her.  HERE is the link.

If you have any questions about this gorgeous girl, feel free to ask.

8 thoughts on “Meet Bianca”

  1. Wilma L Reasoner

    We had a Bassett with just one eye. He adjusted very well. But it got him in the end as he ran in front of a car coming on his blind side. So, yes, she will need a fence, and learn to walk on leash.

  2. Jo- you might want to try “bell training” Bianca. Hang a set of dangling jingle bells from the doorknob you use to take her outside. Each time you go out, ring the bells. Most dogs very quickly learn that hitting the bells gets the door open and they can alert you that they need to go out.

  3. Yes, bell training is very easy for dogs to learn. Bianca would catch on very quickly.
    Maybe her forever home will have a doggie door to the fenced yard and she will become quite independent. We had one installed before we moved into our house and our dogs can go in and out as necessary. Saves us from worrying about accidents, especially when we are gone.

  4. She is beautiful! I’m having a hard time finding out more about her on their website though. I’m only finding an adoptable cat

    1. You will find info about her on the Facebook page. We do a lot more there than on the website. She’s doing SO GOOD today.

  5. She is just beautiful! I’m glad you’re giving all this info on her so people can decide if she’s the right one for them. Hugs,

  6. She is a very beautiful dog! But it’s sad that she is blind in one eye because people wanted a dog whose looks were more important.

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