Meet Annie

I have a new foster dog.

Late last week HEART Animal Rescue the group that I am fostering with put out an SOS.  They had two moms and seven pups that needed to find homes.  These were the pictures they sent…

The pups are Aussie Doodles.  Moms were said to be Australian Shepherds and dad was a poodle.  They were coming from an Amish breeder that had trouble selling the pups and planned to go out of business.  Fingers crossed they truly do go out of business.

I said that I would foster two if need be.  I really only want to foster one at a time but I reasoned that these would likely be adopted quickly as they are puppies…and they are so stinking cute.

It turns out that the pups and two moms were split between three organizations as all of the organizations are foster rescues and it’s hard to find enough people to foster dogs.  I ended up with one pup…and I named her…Annie.  I decided that I am going to start at the beginning of the alphabet and any dog that I foster that I have to name will get a name with the next letter of the alphabet.  Annie is the current foster and the next one will have a “B” name and so on.

Here Annie is getting her bath.

She smelled and NEEDED a bath.  Even after her bath, I’m going to be giving her another bath tomorrow.  She was definitely smelling like a farm dog.

Here she is all snuggled in and drying off.  She was very relaxed while we were cleaning up and getting her paperwork in order.

She just lay on the blanket wondering what would happen next.

Once she got to my house, she was totally a different dog- very happy and active.  She just adores the kids…and the kids adore her.

Dogs coming into foster care are supposed to be kept away from the other dogs until they’ve had a vet check so I have the fenced area up in my kitchen until her vet appointment on Thursday.  Fingers crossed all is well then and she can graduate out of the fenced area…but she has to prove herself by going outside to potty too.

Annie has pretty coloring.  Below her harness, she has cream on her chest too.

Gannon spent about an hour after school last night with her in the fenced area.  He loves Annie already..,  He got out of the fenced area and then played with Izzy.  He is a real dog person!!  I just love to see him so happy around pets.

So far, besides an accident in the house, Annie has been very well-behaved.  She definitely likes kids and cuddles.  When she first got here she was a bit of a whimperer but that’s improved a lot.  Actually, within the first hour that stopped.

I’ll tell you more as I get to know Annie a little more.  From my experience with Izzy, it really takes about a week for the foster pups to come out of their shell.

In the meantime, if you are interested in adopting this little miss, please put your adoption papers in.  HERE is a link to HEART Animal Rescue.  Having your adoption papers in before the pups are listed improves your chances of getting a pup once they are up for adoption.

The other pups and moms went to two other foster groups, Animal Rescue League in Iowa, find them HERE and Camp Companion in Minnesota, find them HERE.

12 thoughts on “Meet Annie”

  1. Annie is a beauty. And maybe there’s the making of a veterinarian in your family?! I hope she brings you joy while she’s with you.

  2. Oh how cute! Gannon sure does love the pups! He has a heart of gold just like you!

    I’m sure Annie will love to play with the other two as soon as she can.

  3. Annie a wonderful addition to your home and I just know someone will be taking her home shortly. The pictures of Gannon loving on her are just too sweet. Lucky Annie to come into your home.

  4. Another adorable pup! It is a good thing you adopted Izzy cause Jane would be hard to pass up too. So good that the kids and Jane get along great!

  5. I got a dog that was 9.5 years old who was a breeder at an Amish home. The rescue group had about a dozen of these dogs they had rescued. Poor Phoebe had multiple health issues because of how she was treated. She was the sweetest dog we ever had but any noise would make her tremble terribly. I’m glad you are doing this foster care. All my dogs came from people who did foster care and I think I might do it too. I have 3 now and they are a handful but I could possibly do a small dog or pup. Something for all of us to think about.

  6. This is awesome. Did you ever imagine your life would take this turn? We never know where our path leads us. So happy for you.

  7. Fostering these pups is proving to be good for the grandkids as well as the pups. I would have a hard time giving them up for adoption. Annie is adorable!

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