Meet and Greet with Lilly

I had a little meet and greet with my newest grand daughter Lillian Jo Elizabeth Kramer.  Oh my, she’s a cutie and a sleepy little girl.  I didn’t get any pictures of her eyes open.

After approval for a visit from Buck and Lora, I went on Sunday to meet her.  I’m so happy I did.  She is precious.

She likes to be snuggled in a blankie.  The whole time I was there…she didn’t say a peep.  She was awake for a just a bit but drank a bottle and was back to sleep.  Lora said that a couple nights a week she might get fussy in the evening for a bit but other than that, she’s pretty good.

Their house is terribly busy with Scotty at 4 1/2 and Lucy at 2 1/2 so many things are going on at once.  Lucy is getting potty trained and needs lots of reminders.  Scotty is the older brother and seems to know what everyone else should be doing but doesn’t always to those things himself.  It’s so cute.

The big kids took me outside and had to show off their garden and their 4-wheeler.  Here they are….

Buck and Lora built a house in a new development.  The kids are safe to ride their little 4-wheeler up and around the cul de sac.

..and back again.  It was so cute watching them.

Poor little Lucy got my hair.  We perpetually grown new little bangs in at the edge our hairline and constantly have little wisps of hair falling in our face.  Isn’t it fun to see what traits kids get from who?  I sure love doing that.

I had a wonderful time.  I got there at about 10am.  They let the kids stay up later and not nap until I left at 3pm.  It was just the right amount of time.  I got to spent some time with everyone and Rosie could stay in the kennel that long being Karl was there part of the day.  I had Kalissa on tap to let her out should something have delayed me.

As I left I reminded them that being I’m not doing regular childcare to expect  seeing more of me and happily, they seemed to all be happy with that idea.  I know I sure am.  I don’t want to miss out on anything else!!

7 thoughts on “Meet and Greet with Lilly”

  1. Mary Ann Mettler

    So happy to see a happy grandma and grandchildren – and time spent together – precious indeed. Lilly is a cutie – nothing like a baby sleeping in your arms!!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Oh the blessings of grandchildren! What a joy to hold a newborn or nearly new born baby. There’s nothing else like it in this world. Praying for you all.

  3. How net you finally got to meet Lilly and spend more time with Lucy and Scotty! Isn’t it nice to be able to get out and about again?
    Love and prayers

  4. What a lovely day you had with those grandchildren. So glad you could go and snuggle with Lilly and hug them all

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