Meet a Reader: Debbie @ Fox Trot Farms

A bit ago I got an email from a blog reader, Debbie from Fox Trot Farms.  Prior to this Debbie was unknown to me.  She wrote offering me a trade…some of my African Violet leaves for some of her homemade soap.  It’s hard for me to get to the post office but I had my week when I was off for my thyroid testing so I said sure if she could wait a couple days.  I clipped some violet leaves, did my best to wrap them and sent them on their way.


I had never done this before so was a little nervous about shipping the leaves.

A short time later I got and email from Debbie.
Thank you for the AV leaves! I’ve got them planted right away. You did a GREAT job of packing them and they weren’t damaged at all…perfect condition! 

I’m going to wait till after my latest batch of soap cures on the 22nd to send you some. I made 65 pounds! I make it with our honey and beeswax from our own apiary. We have customers who won’t use anything else now! I really enjoy making it for our farm market. 

Bob got me the Bernina Q20 after I drooled over it for 2 years. I got a set of rulers and have a class coming up next month to learn how to use them, but there are lots of YouTube videos, of course. Now if I only had more time to use it! Lambing season is here and I’m hosting a quilting retreat at the end of this month for 20 gals, and I know YOU  know what it takes to do that…and I don’t have a daughter to help me!

Thanks again for the AV leaves and be on the lookout for your package after the 22nd!

A few days later Debbie wrote, “Hi Jo! I’m sending you your goody box today. I FINALLY am caught up…state journeyman beekeeping exam the Saturday before last, that big farm event we did this past Saturday, and now I’m getting things in order for the next big deal, which is the SC educational TV Making It Grow program coming to tape a show here tomorrow. We’re excited about that!

 Friday my cousin from NJ and a good friend from FL are arriving, and Saturday begins the week long quilt retreat I’m hosting. There are 18 enrolled with maybe a few drop ins throughout the week. You know that thread manufacturer YLI? Well, they are located about 45 minutes away from me and one of their reps is coming to the retreat to give a presentation on thread weights and fibers and needles to use, and they will have a lot of variety for us to do some shopping while they’re there. I’m really happy to include an educational component AND shopping to our retreat out here in the country!

 You might be interested to see where we are having our retreat. Here are some pictures from some past retreats.



We have space for 16 sewing stations and each gets a whole 2×8 table! There’s a commercial kitchen attached to this room, and we have lunch here, and supper at the B&B for just $8/person. It’s a GREAT venue!

 Here’s the website for more pictures of the B&B. It’s just 12 minutes from our farm. They are a wonderful southern farm family. Check it out!  I know you also host retreats, so you understand all that goes into one. I’ll be ready for a vacation after the retreat!  

Anyway, watch for my little goody box for you. Thanks again for the AV leaves.

Wow.  doesn’t that look like an wonderful retreat space?  I want to go!!

Well the package came!…look at her wonderful handmade soaps!  See?

Spa cloths too.  I’m not very good at pampering myself so this will be a real treat.  She also sent a begonia shoot that I’m trying to keep alive.  THANKS!!


That got me looking more into Debbie’s Fox Trot Farm.  You can find their awesome blog here.  If you like pictures, they have them along with recipes and other fun info.  I scrolled through checking out all the chicken pictures.  They also have a Facebook page you can find here.

It was kind of fun to learn a little more about a blog reader and I thought it might be a fun feature to add here on the blog.  Everyone has such interesting lives.  Debbie is no exception.

I very much admire anyone who is working in the agricultural education field and Debbie and her family are doing just that.  Now days so few people understand the process of agriculture and how food and agricultural products get to our table and homes.  By providing a place for farm tours to take place, Fox Trot farms is doing just that.  Bravo!  How rewarding it must be to be able to make a living and to provide a farm where people can come to learn.

Thanks so much for introducing yourself Debbie.  That was fun and let me know on those African Violet starts..If they don’t take, I can try sending some again.

3 thoughts on “Meet a Reader: Debbie @ Fox Trot Farms”

  1. What a wonderful story to read this am, I will be checking out Fox Trot farms FB page. I love homemade soaps some made from honey sounds heavenly. I must admit that the retreat space looks wonderful and I can just hear the whirl of those machines and the laughter from all those quilters. Thank you for introducing us to Debbie and her busy fun life.

  2. I will have to check out Fox Trot farms. They are just south of the area where my grandparents and great grandparents (and several previous generations) farmed for year. I have a cousin who still farms part of his grandfather’s farm near the NC/SC line!

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