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Some time ago I told that I found out a little known secret that will help your medications be a little more affordable.  Since then I have found our a little more info.

First off, I typically am not a coupon girl.  I hate the whole process and work that goes into it.  I find if I shop off brands, at Aldi or other cheaper stores, I get just as good of a price if not better than if I clip a coupon and buy a name brand.  For medicine…NOT TRUE!  First off there aren’t generics for everything and generics don’t always work quite the same way.

We are lucky and have pretty good drug coverage.  Sadly, two of my meds are still expensive.

Last week it was time for me to renew my subscriptions.  I unfortunately take three.  Metformin is for my diabetes.  It’s a cheap med so it’s only $10 for three months.  That makes it easy to take and easy to pay for.

I also take Crestor.  My oh-my that one is expensive.  I tried others that are cheaper but they don’t work the same for me.  With my insurance the meds are still $120 for a 3 month supply.  I looked online for a coupon for the meds.  I found one here.  I simply search “Crestor Coupon”.  It came up.  I printed off the paper and took it with to the pharmacy and gave it to them at the check out.  My $120 meds turned into $54 meds!!  WHOOT!!  WHOOT!!

I also take Premarin.  That is also $120 with my insurance.  Again I googled the name of the medication and the word coupon so “premarin coupon”.  I got this.  Happily this took my meds from $120 to $45.  Another great savings!!

Something else I learned though.  My insurance company charges the same $120 for the meds no mater how many pills I get.  I used to take one a day.  It was $120 for 90 pills.  I took 1/2 a pill.  The prescription lasted me six months.  The last time at the doctor I told her I was only taking a half pill.  She ended up noting that and then the pharmacy would only give me 45 pills (because that would not last me 90 days) but was charged the same $120 initially.  Frustrating right?

The next time I am at the doctor I am going to ask her to rewrite the prescription and to see if there is a way to work around it.  If she will, that would save $90 a year.  It’s worth a try.

So how can this work for you??  Simply google any medication you take.  Type in the name of the medication with the word coupon behind it.  Print the coupon and take it to your pharmacy when you next fill a prescription.  I’ll warn you.  The first gal at the counter had no idea how to process the coupon.  The gal in charge of insurance ended up having to process my coupons.

It took me about 5 minutes to find and print the coupons.  For that quick work I saved $141.  Now that’s what I call savings.  It is the real true definition of extreme coupons.

I have gotten notes from other blog readers who tried this after I mentioned it over a year ago.  They had success with their medication as well. Give it a try.  You might be pleasantly surprised!

5 thoughts on “Meds at a Better Price”

  1. I also have an app for my phone call ….LowestMed…it has saved us lots of money on prescriptions. Lower prices then our insurance half the time.

  2. I do that with 3 of my meds, have a double dose,(75 mg) when I only need to take 1/2! The Rx last longer, 180 days. But not all meds can be done like that. I take Lipitor, everyother day for the same thing.usually they are willing to work with you.

  3. Bonnie Baker Lippincott

    I do that with one of my meds. I told the doctor what I was doing and he noted it in my chart and agreed with me that he would prescribe the the same as always knowing I would split them and take half. Most doctors will work with you especially if it expensive. Non generic meds are expensive and any help I can get is worth a try.

  4. Jo, you might want to check with other pharmacy on your Metformin. I take it and have it filled at a local grocery pharmacy & there is not co-pay. It costs me $0! I was paying the same as you are ($10) until I checked at the grocery pharmacies locally. I figure that $10 is as good in my pocket at theirs! LOL
    Also 1 med I used to take was 1/2 the pill but the dr wrote the script for 1 full pill a day. It lasted me alot longer.
    Good luck!

  5. Jo, my Dr. gave me a web site app that is great, GoodRX, it also gives the least expensive place to purchase your meds and coupons. I take 3 different ones and my insurance mail off pharmacy “My Prime Mail” which is for 90 days has decided to engage in being major price gougers, so this app has been great. I have one med that cost over $200.00 a month !!! My Dr. Gave me a coupon that takes $60.00 off each month. Plus my insurance raised my monthly premium and raised the deductible to $6k, so …I’m coupon looking too..

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