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Friday I had the day off.  I had a doctor’s appointment in Lacrosse.  It was what I had hoped was my last trip there regarding my thyroid surgery last February.  The appointment was in the afternoon so in the morning I had some time for playing Grammy.

Carver decided to keep his mommy up all night and mommy need a nap…Grammy to the rescue.  It so nice that we’re close and this can easily happen.  Kalissa ended up at the doctor in the afternoon and went home with antibiotics.  Hopefully that will get her feeling a little better.


After her nap she came and got Carver and I was off headed to pick up Kelli and then onto Lacrosse.  Kelli wanted to ride along.  I really thought the appointment was going to be more of a formality and didn’t want to interrupt anyone’s schedule to go with me, but Kelli wanted to go.

We haven’t had a chance to hang out lately so it was nice.

The day before Hubby and I had an extended conversation about whether I should take my crutches or the scooter.  I was thinking crutches…he thought scooter.  (he’s a little over protective).  Then I got to thinking that I wanted to stop at Wal-Mart and get groceries on the way home so I’d need the scooter for that.  We ended up compromising and I brought both.  So who was right…did I need the scooter or the crutches??Actually we were both right.  I can put weight on my foot and have been hobbling around on the crutches some but it’s hard.  With childcare, I need the scooter.  I need to be able to get where I need in a hurry.  I need to be able to carry things.  I can’t with crutches.  That leaves me with not getting as much “walking” time as I wish I had.  I thought uses crutches as much as I could yesterday would be a good idea…sometime I need more weight on my foot so I can eventually walk normally again.

So far, I’ve walked a bit (from the kitchen to the living room and back).  It’s better all the time.  My ankle and foot are still real stiff and sore.  For the first 4 days or so it was completely painful in my ankle.  Now day by day it almost feels like my foot is waking up….a little more each day.  I go back to the doctor for that on October 4th.  Right now I am hoping to be always walking without crutches by then…we’ll see.  They say slow and steady wins the race.  I will say, through my entire year of medical woes from thyroid removal to Radio Active Iodine to foot surgery, this last week has been the only part that was actually painful.  The rest I took pain meds for a day or two and that’s it.  Now, I’m taking Ibrophen and Tylenol regularly….I’ll manage..but it’s not been fun at all.

Anyway..enough about my foot.  Onto my doctor’s appointment in Lacrosse.  I didn’t know how bad it would be that way with the extensive flooding but that area got their rain in the first round so we were all okay which left us a little time to stop at a shop I’ve always been intrigued by but have never been able to stop at.  It’s called Uncommonplace in Hokah, Minnesota.  It’s a cute little vintage shop that I actually bought a couple things at.  The owner is a quilter so she had some crafty, vintage, quilty, fun things in the shop.  Kelli took pictures and I think she plans to write more about that on Wednesday afternoon’s blog post.

We made it to the clinic on time and I found decent parking that allowed me to use my crutches to get in.  It went good….

I was in to see the surgeon, Doctor Sdano, who performed my thyroidectomy.  He’s an awesome guy, very personable, and I highly recommend him.  He talked to me a bit and checked my scar and that was the extent of it.  He did explain what’s coming up for me…  October 14th I meet with my endocrinologist and she’s ordered blood work, an ultrasound and a visit.  This will be my “new normal” for a few years until I get further and further away from my cancer diagnosis.  The ultrasound is to check to make sure that no cancer spread to my lymph nodes.  They don’t suspect it but it’s a needed check.  Blood work will test my thyroid tumor levels and my thyroid levels.  I am anxious for that appointment to happen….I’d like to know where I am at.

This is the last time I will see Doctor Sdano, I hope.  He’s released me for now….And with that…I was “crutching” back to the pick up.  The handicap ramp proved to be a bit much so I walked that simply hanging onto the rail which went okay.  Sadly, we didn’t have time to stop and see Mary Jo.  I had hoped to but Kelli wanted to get back. She had to go to work….so good bye Lacrosse.  See you in three weeks.


I did talk Kelli into stopping at the market in LaCrescent, MN….I wanted mums…I got pumpkins too.

We wound our way into Waukon, Iowa.  They have a great Mexican restaurant that we really like.  It was Lupper for us (lunch plus supper all in one).

It was nice to have good news from the doctor.  I was nice to spend the day with Kelli too.  We are both looking forward to December when she’s done with school.  We both miss hanging out.

Stop my later today and I’ll tell you about the flooding…..

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  1. When walking on ramps, walk at an angle not straight up or down. My PT told me this after I had both knees replaced. Best trick as the incline is not what we are use to walking. Hope that helps. Congrats on the first grandbaby!!

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