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Yesterday was my day back to Lacrosse to check in with the surgeon.  Kelli was a sweetie and stayed with the childcare kiddos.  I made Hubby go to work so Karl and Kalissa took me to Lacrosse.

Karl drove our pickup so I could do a little work… as we traveled I ripped the papers off of 52 string pieced blocks.  I didn’t get them all done on the way there so I had a few to finish on the way home.


My appointment went good.  The last time I had seen Dr. Sdano was the day he told me I had Thyroid Cancer…Can you believe that was only 25 days ago?  It feels like much longer to me.

His job for the day was to check to see how my scar was healing and the check my voice.  My voice is okay.  It tires more than previously.  If Kelli and I were to do a trunk show she’d likely have to do a little more of the talking.  Singing, my voice is flat and I can’t raise it very well at all.  He said that everything I was describing was not abnormal.  He encouraged me to keep working with my voice and trying to reach a higher range.

He also said that I need to work more on massaging my incision.  It should be a little more healed.  Right now the “holes” where my stitches were are still visible.  I’ll admit…I haven’t been doing that as much as I should.  In my defense, I didn’t know why I was suppose to massage it…Now I know and will do better.  That was the extent of my appointment.  I knew it was a bit of a formality appointment but that’s what I thought last time when he told me I had cancer.  It was a relief to know that this time, there were no extra added surprises.

The kids and I started a debate on where to eat.  I told them I wanted the Mexican Restaurant in Waukon.  That’s the one Hubby and I had originally planned on going to the day we had truck trouble and were told about the cancer.  I didn’t get to go then, but I got to go this day….

Karl wanted to take the scenic route and I’m so glad we did.  The Mississippi River was beautiful.


We wound our way into New Albin, Iowa.  Linda Tanner a childcare provider in the area has always raved about her little Meat Market.  I made the kids stop so we could check it out.  It is a little store…really little but it’s meat market counter packs a BIG punch.  We tried meat sticks and hot sticks…YUM.  The teriyaki pork loin was to die for.  Being Hubby and I both LOVE Rubin Sandwiches I pick up a package of Rubin Bites and some smoked corn beef.


Nothing was cheap but it was oh so worth it.

Once home we deep fried the Rubin Bites…WONDERFUL!!!

Now today I made Rubin Sandwiches with the smoked corned beef.  WOW, oh WOW…they were good.

We did get to the Mexican restaurant.  I saw that Margaritas were only $2 each.  I had one….After the bit I’ve been through I didn’t even feel guilty about having one for lunch.

The kids were wonderful.  I don’t do outings with them as much as I should.  It was a really good day with the kids and a good doctor report.  I’ll take that and write about here to always remember.

10 thoughts on “Medical Report”

  1. Good to hear you had such a good visit with the Doctor. I’m glad to hear you are making such good progress. Having a visit with your children and seeing pretty scenery make for a special day ! Life is good!

  2. A margarita at the Mexican restaurant sounds like a nice way to top off a good day! I’m glad you got a good report and enjoyed your family time. Take care!

  3. Great news at the Dr. visit. Glad you had a fun day with the kids…we should all take more time with family. Happy Easter to you and your whole family. Enjoy!!!

  4. Glad you got both good news and your Mexican lunch. Bonus to spend time with the kids, too. Wins all the way around, including a smoked Reuben sandwich?!?

  5. So happy to hear about your good doctor visit. I also came across the Meat Market, while on a trip to a quilt show in New Albin. It was during the summer, so the line was long and wound through the small store. That was last summer, so I don’t remember what I got, but it was all good. I think someone in town had made fudge, and that was selling at the checkout counter. A great place to visit on a road trip!

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