Medical News from the Kramers…

Remember at Thanksgiving time I wrote about our get-together and as we left, our son Buck said, “It’s a great day to be a Kramer”.  Well…today, not so much, at least on the medical front.

Kalissa had a covid exposure so no Christmas with the Friedman’s…

now onto Kelli’s family…
Kelli’s boys, my grandsons, Eli and Emmett, were scheduled to have tubes put in their ears on Tuesday.  That didn’t happen.  Both of the boys got sick and have terrible coughs.  Kelli had to call in at the end of last week and the doctor without seeing them put them on antibiotics.

Kelli sent this note to the family message group on Monday:

Update from the Hanken house—the boys have been sick for almost a week and were supposed to get tubes tomorrow however since they have been sick with a cold and the crud, they canceled tubes but recommended that they be seen today anyway to possibly get steroids and see if we need to change or extend their antibiotics. Tubes have been rescheduled for Jan 11th

The doctor’s office ended up calling Kelli back and asked if she could bring the boys in so they could be checked out.  She did…this was her next message after that appointment.

The boys are definitely wheezing and cruddy. Talked to ENT doctors who have since changed their mind to 6 weeks until tubes can be put in since they are this sick. Extending their antibiotics. No steroids or nebulizers for now, but they did run a respiratory panel so we can see exactly which things they have and can have that in mind if more treatment is needed. They also said that I can have a pass to ENT doctors to call and report symptoms if I think they are sick in that time frame and I can call and talk to Doctor Sam if anything changes and they want to treat or change treatment.”

The boys’ tests came back and they have RSV and rhinovirus/enterovirus.”

So.  That was bad news.  The boys need tubes so bad.  The doctor said she knows they need them but with respiratory issues, it’s not safe to put the boys under to do the surgery.  UGH.

When they get tubes is up in the air.  They do have to go back to the doctor tomorrow for a check-up being they were so sick earlier in the week.

After I was sleeping Monday night, Kelli sent this message:

Georiga is definitely going in tomorrow. She wouldn’t go to sleep and so I rocked her for probably 45 minutes before she would quit crying because she didn’t want to sleep in her bed…all while refusing to take any meds and holding her ear. So she slept maybe an hour and she already was up once crying and when I asked her what was wrong she said her ear hurt. So I took her downstairs and made her take meds and threw her in bed with me and here we are currently.”

Kelli ended up taking her to the doctor on Tuesday.  Georgia does have an ear infection.

The boys are still growing and considering their health issues, pretty happy.

AHH!!  But still, not a good day to be a Kramer…

Jasper, our daughter Kayla’s son, was exposed to Covid at childcare.  So far, all is good.  He did have Covid this fall, but who knows.  To be safe, they are having him tested.

Now to me…I’m okay but today marks the start of my diet.  For those of you new here, I have thyroid cancer that has moved to my lungs, and to try to treat that, I need to have a full-body scan.  To do the scan, I have to be on a low iodine diet for two weeks before the test.

I’ve done the diet and it’s not fun.  This time around, I think it might be some easier.  The last time I did this was in April/May of 2019.  There are many more new products out and available in our area that make things a little easier. 
These products are becoming my new favorites.  None of them have salt.  YAHOO!!

Kitehill has other products that I want to try but the local food co-op was out.  Remember the storm that went through our area.  Their power was knocked out for close to 18 hours and they lost a lot of items in their refrigerator section. I was lucky to get these.

I’m using the yogurt to make overnight oats.  It’s easy, just mix equal parts of yogurt and oatmeal.  Add fruit if you want.  Stir it up and refrigerate for five hours or more.  I like it.  It’s super creamy and good.

I love having these in the refrigerator to grab for something quick.

Being I am new to these products, I just got enough to try.  I know already that I will be going back for the yogurt and pure coconut.  YUM!  It wouldn’t bother me to eat of these even if I wasn’t on the diet.  I’ve not tried the other items yet.

As far as side effects of the oral chemo I’m taking…
They gradually get worse although none are anything that I can’t handle.  If you remember me saying before there are supposed to be nasty side effects.  So far I’m simply annoyed with the side effects and they aren’t bothering my life.

I would list these as my complaints.
Body rash
Rash on my face-  I feel like a teenager with multiple zits that need to be popped.  My face is actually itchy from it all.
My scalp is the same way with an itchy feeling.
I have to work to stay hydrated.  I often have dry lips, dry eyes, and the like.
Not sleeping

Again, not a great day to be a Kramer…

All of these are listed known side effects.  There are more possible side effects so I’m considering myself thankful that these are the only ones I really have.  I’m also happy to be wearing a mask so everyone doesn’t have to see my face with the rash.

All in all, I’m doing good.  I’m happy for the most part…just a little sad we can’t get together as we had hoped for Christmas…but like his true and steady self, Karl will entertain me and keep me busy.  We plan to make tamales.  I think we can figure out how to make them so that they will still be in compliance with my diet.  I’ll report back on that.

Medically we all aren’t doing the best but we all have a good attitude and that is what will keep us going!!

31 thoughts on “Medical News from the Kramers…”

  1. So sorry for the health issues, especially for the little ones. I’ve started having more issues of my own being diabetic. Handling everything as best as I can. Husband has started to help more. Hope all covid tests are negative and you at least get to talk to everyone. I’ll be praying for you and for all to be better.

  2. You’re a strong bunch. This will be a story someday & you’ll all be able to reflect on it. It’s gonna pass. Nothing ever stays still. Good luck & wishing you a safe & merry Christmas

  3. Oh my! Kelli has her hands full with those darling little children. The twins are so cute, as is Georgia. I love the picture with her holding one of them (Eli?). So hard when they need the tubes so badly, that they just can’t be well enough for it to happen. It is a scary time for first responders, and more so for Kalissa. Your family will stay in my prayers. You all keep your good attitudes!!

  4. Sounds like you’re family and you are doing what’s best and that’s what matters. You and your family are in my prayers. ❤

  5. Oh, Jo! What a crushing disappointment! But you must be so proud of your life-saving daughter.

    I hope all the kids recover swiftly.

    Christmas is not a joyful season for many people. I hope yours will be better next year and for many, many after that.

  6. Oh, goodness, Jo! Sorry to hear about Kalissa’s Covid exposure and the twins being sick… AGAIN!! Here’s hoping your side effects remain manageable and that you have a Merry Christmas in spite of it all.

  7. Oh, so sorry about Kalissa and Kelli’s boys. Hope they are better soon. Have you tried Benadryl for the itching? Especially at bedtime.
    The pure coconut sounds delicious. I’m sure you and Karl will have fun! Merry Christmas!

  8. Jo, you’re in my prayers and now I’ve added your whole family. Way too much going on with y’all. It’s so hard having sick children, especially very young children, and it’s not easy on grandma either.
    Thinking of all of you and hoping you do ok with that diet. You have a great attitude, especially for having been through so much already and now with so much of the family sick.

  9. Judith Fairchild

    Praying for all of you. None of what you’re going through is good but am Hlad you can lean hard on Jesus and your healthy children. Have a very Blessed Christmas. For you all.

  10. Making tamales is a tradition at Christmas in my husband’s family. The time we were in Texas and I got to help my late MIL, and her grandmother is one of my best. I was still learning Spanish back then and it made it a hoot to talk to the elder lady! I’m sure you and Karl will have a great time. I hope everyone improves soon in the health dept. Prayers are powerful. Blessings

  11. Margaret in North Texas

    Winter and children’s ear infection seems to occur at the same. May 2022 be a brighter beginning on the medical front for the Kramer family!!

  12. I am so sorry. Thank heavens for facetime!! You have very supportive children..hope you have a very merry Christmas and I hope your symptoms subside soon.

  13. Oh mercy! I hope everyone, some how, has a nice Christmas! Kelli especially has her hands full! I know it must be so hard for your children not to be able to be with you at Christmas. So glad you still have Karl to hang out with. He’s so much fun! I hope no one gets worse and you can be back together soon. I do think you should ask the doctor if there’s something they can prescribe for the itching. That can drive you nuts.
    Please let us know how the tamales turn out. I have never made them.

  14. Having a family this big, there are bound to be sick kids at one time or another. My 3, my daughter’s 5, my other daughter’s 2.It’s inevitable, isn’t it? :-(
    Keep all of you in prayer for a safe and healthy Christmas.
    Love and prayers

  15. While all of the health issues you are dealing with are worse than days of yore, it reminded me of photos of all of us in pajamas on Christmas Day because we were all sick with the flue or stomach bug. Seems like it never rains but it pours. Many, many hugs and hoping for the best of health for all of you.

  16. Oh my, I’m sorry that this is all going on right now. Kalissa and Jasper being exposed, the 3 littles being sick with ear infections and now Christmas is not going to happen with a large gathering of the Kramers, bummer. Glad that Karl will come over and I look forward to hearing about making Tamales. Thank you for showing us some of the food items that are good for your no salt plan, I think I shall try the oatmeal, yogurt and fruit idea. Merry Christmas to you Jo and your family.

  17. Hang in there. You will beat this. My Granddaughter had Thyroid Cancer at 14, they removed thyroid and some glands, and she is now cancer free, but on low sodium for life. So yes, I feel for you.

  18. Dear Jo, your family is really going’s through it at the moment but my thoughts and prayers are with you all. One day at a time and hopefully you will get through the other side. Prayers and good wishes to you all for the holidays. Linda H in the UK.

  19. So sorry for all the health issues! When everyone is all healed and healthy, you all can have a big ol’ Kramer Christmas…just delayed a bit! Covid seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving. Sadly. I’ve had some kind of itching issue for about the past six weeks just on my neck, shoulder blades, and a little on the sides of my waist. No rash or anything. So, I know how absolutely annoying that itching can be! I hope those cute little boys get their tubes in soon, that Kalissa stays healthy, and that you do well with your diet and the rest of the chemo. I hope you all have a relatively Merry Christmas!

  20. So sad for the boys to be sick all the time. I had one who was continually sick and one that wasn’t. Tubes twice. I wonder if the boys have a lactose intolerance or Gluten intolerance. I really know nothing about that sort of thing but it would be worth looking into. Especially lactose which can cause mucus. I know you are all in the medical field and I am not but I hate to see those poor boys sick all the time. It would be difficult to eliminate dairy, cheese and milk.
    Article about dairy allergy. Sorry if I am meddling.

  21. Hi Jo my heart goes out to you! I had a similar experience with my youngest child’s ears with him having endless antibiotics from a very young age. I had to have antibiotics on hand because without them his temperature would spike and he would have convulsions and there was talk of him having tubes inserted. One day he picked up the top of a medicine dropper which I had just washed and put it in his mouth and started sucking and that was the game changer. He walked around sucking all the time, taking it out only to talk, eat or drink. He would wear holes in them so we had to keep a steady supply! The doctor said the sucking gave him comfort and was forcing him to breathe through his nose. He looked like Maggie Simpson! Then one day he lost his last dub-dub and that was the end of it all – his breathing was fine and he never looked back! We had tried dummies but he hadn’t liked them at all.

  22. Dear Jo, I was on a fluid restriction diet and found that sucking on a lemon drop helped to keep my mouth moist. I use lozenges at night now. Also, there is a mouth wash for dry mouth. My dermatologist says my itchy skin is due to dry skin. Can you use a good moisturizing lotion or cream? Hang in there. I’m praying that you will be able to take the iodine treatment later. Helen

  23. Am so sorry for all the problems Jo -it’s bad enough anytime -and so much harder when it’s Christmas. Feel so bad for everybody -the twins— they are so cute–and in the pictures such sweet smiles! Wouldn’t know about the ear problems, from those faces. Praying that all will be okay and you won’t be without your family through the whole holiday season. You might try Cetaphil lotion for the itchiness. It has helped me a lot with that problem.

  24. So sorry to hear of your babies illnesses and your daughter’s exposure while in her role of hero. At least your diet seems to be doing well with your new products. One of our five kids and the mom and two kids are quarantined with Covid and will miss Christmas. Maybe we’ll try for Easter. Fingers and toes crossed and prayers sent for you and your bunch1

  25. The saying “when it rains, it pours” seems appropriate after reading this! I hope the children get over their illnesses quickly, and Kalissa’s result is negative. Fingers crossed!

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