Measuring for a Tuxedo

We are procrastinators.  Or should I say, I just am getting to old to keep track of everyone else’s stuff.  We’ve know for a while now (like three months) but have done nothing about getting my husband’s measurements into the tuxedo rental place.  In my defense, I have my clothes purchased and in order…Hubby should be able to take care of his…right??

Well..we got a call from our son saying, “Mom-it’s the last day to get Dad’s measurements in to the tuxedo rental place.”  UGH.  Want to know where Hubby was???   Unloading haylage. UGH-ugh.

I went to the rescue.  Yep…there in his farm clothes covered in yuck, I measured him.


Oh the joys of being married to a farmer.

A little farming update:  The of the fields did not get planted.  They tried but the weather did not allow it.  They guys are finally now taking care of first crop hay.  Typically they do this over Memorial Day weekend.  They are a month late with most everything.  I can only hope from timely rains and a harvest without problems.  Farmers here really need that.

3 thoughts on “Measuring for a Tuxedo”

  1. Totally unrelated to your post, but I had to say… Oh my goodness! THANK YOU for the tip about MaxiLock thread for the longarm. Works beautifully on my Tin Lizzie, and so much less expensive! I love both your blog and making learning fun, and appreciate all you share with all of us!

  2. My FIL was a farmer (peanuts, corn, soybeans), so I know first hand the worrying farmers do about the weather. It is out of their control but so hard to watch peanuts rot from too much rain or corn curl up and turn brown because of too little. Hope things improve where you are!

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