Measure Twice and then a Third Time

Earlier this week I showed you a quilt that I was suppose to have done this summer for a family wedding.  It’s an easy design so in a short couple of hours I had the blocks sewn together and the project loaded and on the quilting frame.  I had wanted to use the extra fabric that I used on the top for the backing but after a few measurements I could see that I’d have to be creative to use it up.

Well I had a couple extra blocks left over that I could work them.  I measure.  I ended up cutting the fabric I had in half.  Then I seamed it together.  It was wider than I needed.  I cut the extra width off.  I added two extra blocks to it.  It covered the length.  It was all okay.

I loaded the quilt and started quilting away….I was so happy.  It was looking so nice.  There is something really pleasing about sewing your own designs and loving the quilt.  I was so excited.  Everything was going so good…no machine problems…no nothing until UGH….There wasn’t enough backing.

So what did I do…I went to town.  I didn’t want to deal with this.  Errands sounded so much more fun than dealing with this.

Once I was back I had a plan.  I found a chunk of fabric that matched the best it could.

I cut two pieces that were 9″ each.  I seamed them together and ironed it.  I unpinned the backing from the canvas.  I pinned the new piece of fabric to the backing that was there.


I put the base on the machine and sewed the quilt backing to the new piece of fabric.

Next I pinned the new piece of fabric that was now attached to the quilt backing to the canvas and I was ready to go.

12165669_1060687780630931_1099949333_n (1)
It took about a half hour to get everything going again.  Easy no.  Pain in the butt.  YES.  Quilt saved..YES and that’s the most important.  It’s looking pretty good and off the frame now.

I love it and it all looks okay.  I’ll give you some close up pictures once I get the quilt bound.  For now, it’s all good again.

4 thoughts on “Measure Twice and then a Third Time”

  1. Ugh! Is right! I’ve done that a couple of times myself and pretty much the same fix as you did. I don’t usually get hung up with the backing. It’s a backing and no one hardly looks at the backing anyway. It looks like a nice finish!

  2. I put my quilt in timeout when that happened to me :) The quilt was for me and I did not want to deal with it. I hope the couple enjoy the pretty new quilt!

  3. Oh, Jo, I’ve done that…and have come short on batting too. Such a pain and I always want to kick myself for not MEASURING TWICE CUT ONCE – LOL Glad you were able to fix it!

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