Me: The Plumber??

This happened before Kramer passed away.  It’s been such a whirlwind I think I’ll be catching you up for awhile.

Here’s the story:
When we came home from the hospital the last time, I came home to a clogged sink.  UGH.

I had known it was not working right…but that was something Kramer always took care of.  I had been putting off saying anything about it as I knew he’d be frustrated that he couldn’t manage fixing it.  He so prided himself on taking care of me and the maintenance around the house.

Finally the sink got to the point that it was clogged and nothing was going down that drain.  I thought it was weird as we haven’t lived in the house that long.  Then Kramer said it was likely a childcare kid who had sent something down the drain.  UGH.

So that evening while Kramer was sitting in his chair, I grabbed a bucket and towels and hoped for the best….

I started taking it apart…AH.  That awful stink of sitting water in the elbow about did me in.  Thankfully the bucket was in the perfect spot and caught it all.

Then I looked and nothing.  Nothing was in the elbow.  I started messing with the sink.  I was so frustrated when I started messing with the drain of the sink.  I pushed it and….the water started going down-it was a tiny trickle but at least it was moving.  I had forgotten that the trap of this sink released and locked by pushing it.

Okay.  At least the water was moving albeit SLOW.  Then I started wrestling with that silver piece at the bottom of the sink.  Somehow there was something in that part of the sink that wasn’t letting water release.  Kramer was probably right.  It probably was the childcare kiddos.

Finally I got it out and NOPE…It was hair stuck in the apparatus…and a rock (that might have been from the kids).

I got everything back together and reported back to Kramer.  He quickly told me that I was promoted.  I would now do all the plumbing in the house.  I told him probably not….but now it looks like I will.  I sure will miss his ability to fix almost anything.  That is an awesome trait….one I took for granted.

Kramer HATED plumbing problems.  Of all the jobs to around the house, anything with plumbing for sure was his least favorite job to do.

I’m so thankful that this was a success story.  At least I know if this sink fails, I have a prayer of being able to handle it.

22 thoughts on “Me: The Plumber??”

  1. Late hubby took care of a lot of that stuff too. And electrical. Thankful I have the funds to hire it done though I do sometimes cringe at the cost. I no longer have the time, patience, or interest in doing it myself. Car maintenance was always paid for as hubby told me before marriage that was not his thing. He could fix the furnace more times than not so it all worked out.

  2. Plumbing my least favorite thing to deal with.

    I’m glad you were able to fix the problem.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  3. Kudos to you Jo for doing plumbing work. If I had been you, I would have called Craig!!! He seems like he can do it all too!

  4. There will be things you feel like tackling and others you will not. It’s great when you can solve a problem yourself! I’ve changed the air filter and battery on the lawn mower not to mention mowing the lawn. I didn’t think I could do any if it at first but when you’re alone you don’t want to bother your neighbors again. Blessings to you in your journey.

  5. You did it! Awesome
    It was probably good for Kramer to see you tackling the things he usually took care of and see you accomplish the fix.

  6. Plumbing can be a problem sometimes. I hate doing those kind of jobs too. Finally I call someone to do it. I have a fellow that works real cheap, what a blessing. Glad you were able to do the job.

  7. Plumbing is such a challenge I know! But such a boost in confidence when it works out! Kudos to you for tackling it Jo :)

  8. Isn’t it awful that in addition to dealing with illness and death, it sometimes seems like the world is conspiring to do you in with the little stuff? Since my stepdad died, in addition to dealing with my mom’s health issues (including cancer) we have had to deal with a broken garage door, broken air conditioner, two downed trees, a washer that quit working and a toaster that also quit! Congrats on being a successful DIYer, I do admire your can-do attitude. Not sure how you do it all, but your everyday stories are so inspiring!

  9. Jo, There is a little plastic thingy that you can buy at Walmart or Home Depot that you thread down the drain and than pull up to get the stuff out of the drain. Bathroom sinks usually have hair clogging it. The plastic thing has little nubby hooks that grab the stuff so you can pull it up and out.

    Also you can use baking soda and either hot water or vinegar to bubble out the problem. Better check on line for the instructions. Good to try thing before taking the pipes apart.

  10. Good for you! There is a certain sense of satisfaction when we fix those things, even if we aren’t thrilled we’re the one fixing them. YouTube may be your friend for some future repair. That said, I bet you have a ton of friends and neighbors who would be happy to help when you need it, especially if you ask them to teach you and help you become more self-sufficient. I’m not fond of asking people to do things for me, but I don’t have trouble asking them to help me learn how to do it myself.

  11. I do not live with my husband, so I find my help from YouTube. There’s a video for everything! My 9 year old daughter just changed my headlights on my suburban. Her hands were small enough to get down in there and there was a YouTube video. We still had to call her dad…but we did it!

  12. Good for you. Plumbing is our least favorite fix it job as well. We always joke that it takes at least two trips to the hardware store (sometimes more) to get the job one.

  13. Vivian Hansen

    As things break and need repaired I am asking my husband to show me what he does so I can take care of some of the simpler things that come along. I can change the oil in the car and check tire pressure but I will never be able to repair a car. We live in a very remote area and I have always been comfortable with him protecting us but in the last year I have purchased a firearm and am learning to be comfortable with it. I know some people disagree with this but law enforcement takes time to arrive in our area. I have been so lucky to have someone take care of our family but now I wish I had been more proactive in learning to do more myself. Thank you Jo for talking about this.

  14. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Yay for you fixing the sink!! I can fix a sink as well, but that’s my limit!! No toilets or tubs/showers for me, I’ll call the pros for that! Well, if my tub isn’t draining quickly I did learn from the plumber how to clear that plug of hair (having long hair can definitely be a negative!). I think you will be surprised just how much you learned from Kramer over the years. You may not be super confident about your abilities, but I bet you are better than you know!

  15. My husband could also fix everything and I felt lost especially if something happened to my car. Just recently the doorknob on the entrance door from the garage locked up and would not open. With the help of google I was able to take the knob off and replace it with a new one. You don’t know what you are capable of until you try. I applaud your determination to at least try.

  16. I’m glad you tackled the sink with Kramer in the other room to supervise your plumbing adventure. I have always handled most of the household repair type jobs since my husband traveled a lot for his work. Growing up on a farm and having parents that were patient and showed us “how” and then let us has really paid off. I thank them for the fact that I can fix a light switch, replace a sump pump and tune up our lawn equipment. Good for you Jo, and if you aren’t sure, just google it.

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