Maybe Carver??

First I have news from Kalissa and Craig’s house.  Well actually Carver has the news.

You might remember a couple months ago I shared that they were expecting baby #2 and that Carver was going to be a big brother.

Well fast forward a little bit and now we know….

Carver is here to announce that he’s going to have a baby brother in March!

We’re all tickled.  Kalissa and I had talked for a bit about the if she wanted a boy or girl.  We both thought it would be wonderful for Carver to have a little brother to hang with.  I think he’ll be a good big brother.

Now the other news…I’m starting to believe that Kalissa might not be quilter ever…and that’s okay.  I am starting to put some hope on Carver though.

Here he is checking out my Tulip Fields pieces….

Check out that double chin!!

Kalissa would open them up and show his exclaiming “WOW!!!!”  Caver would giggle and giggle.

Then Kalissa held it up.

Then Carver said, “BIG!”

Then Kalissa held out a long trail of pieces.  He loved it!!

Then before I knew it we were wearing necklaces of quilt pieces.

I don’t know that this will make him a quilter but at least he currently has the impression that quilting could be fun!!  What a fun time with these two.  Isn’t life really about the little moments.  No fancy vacations for me.  This is all I need.

10 thoughts on “Maybe Carver??”

  1. Adorable pics of all. Hope some harvesting is taking place in Iowa. It was almost dry enough to begin here when it began to rain in the night and continued until noon today. Cold coming next but dry we hope.

  2. Congratulations! The pictures are adorable! Even if Carver is not a quilter, he will be raised around quilters and will appreciate quilting and all that goes into it! My 30 year old nephew still remembers his great grandma hand quilting on her old wooden quilt frame and he understands and appreciates all the work that goes into a quilt!

  3. Bernadette Dixon

    That Dove candy add was in the auction blog this morning it just froze the screen and would not let the page advance. I was going to try and sent it to you, but it would not let me get to the bottom so I could send it to you in an e-mail. Sorry I couldn’t help.

    1. Thanks Bernadette. We’ve been working on it. I can finally see it. I did browse in Internet Explorer and can’t find it there.

  4. Woohoo! Carver is going to have a little brother! how awesome. I love that his face is filled with happiness and wonder with all those quilt pieces.

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