May Quilt Square Quilt Along

Here it is June already…I picked the is Corn and Beans block.  I picked it because here in Iowa, at this time of year, all you can see when you drive down the road is field and field after field of corn and beans.

I didn’t get my block done until the VERY end of the month.  It seems lots of you were doing the same thing as I got lots of last minute entries.  That’s okay…Here comes the parade.

Those Kansas girls were at it again making blocks.  Here is what Sarah is calling her “Trip Around Kansas”.

Brenda’s Trip Around America…

..and Nan’s Trip Around the Flower Garden.  I can tell from the emails and names that these gals are really have fun getting together and sewing.

Barb K was one of the first to send her block in…it’s a wonderful blue version.  She also sent one of the April blocks too.  BUSY girl.

This is Barb H’s version.  I never thought to add  as much light, but I like it.  It really makes the center stand out.

This one is from Nancy in PA.  It looks like a perfect version for fall with the greens and oranges.  I am so jealous that her’s is COMPLETELY finished!

Jan made a colorful version.  Of course I like this one…red’s are my favorite and this has a perfect amount to make it pop!

Judy is up next…I love pink and brown together but I never remember to pick those two colors together.  I think it’s because I don’t have many browns.  Gorgeous block Judy.

Dale spiced her’s up a bit by adjusting the pattern to make it on point.  Isn’t it cute?

 My buddy Deb B is next.  I love it!  Aren’t the little birds so cute?

Deb G sent in this rainbow beauty.  Aren’t the colors FUN!!

Here is Dee’s block.  Here’s what Dee said about her quilt, “We have a quilt show next April and I helped build the quilt. As second prize I volunteered to make a small quilt -36 x 36. These are the scraps except for the gold. Wow, never get my stashed used up that way:)”  Cute…

Here’s Sharyn’s blocks.  She was a busy girl.  I have to say these blocks were great BUT…

the other picture Sharyn sent was even cuter.  They are thinking about getting a beagle puppy….

 AWWWW…what a sweetie.  A gal I’m friends with just got a beagle puppy too…so, so cute!!

Okay…enough puppy cuteness, back to the parade.

Here is Sue T’s block. She had some French General scraps she was using up.

Here’s Laura P’s block….I love the four fussy cut blue blocks near the center.

Here is Nancy’s block…oh so pretty…

Jenelle has a beauty all completely finished.

This one came from Laura P.  She got together with a group of friends and they all sewed the block.  Here’s the picture.

The blocks are from Robin, Peggy, Michelle, Conni, Liz, Karen, Vickie and Laura’s last.

This one is from Vickie…

I love all the blocks but I have to be honest…the puppy is the cutest.

Oh you might be wondering about prizes…I have goodies for you.
Goodies from Country Threads, Ackfeld Manufacturing and Moda!  Stop back tomorrow and I’ll give you a peak at the prizes.  I’ll pick winners on Saturday.

10 thoughts on “May Quilt Square Quilt Along”

  1. ok that was funny. I was merrily scrolling along looking at the blocks and poof-a cute puppy. It sure did catch my eye! lol. btw my fave is the rainbow one. And the puppy.

  2. Thanks for doing this Jo. I am having so much fun with these blocks. Love your quilt show of trip quilts… I kept thinking it was the last day of the month and was stalking your blog yesterday. oops! That shortcake picture had me make some peach cobbler last night!

  3. Agreed, the puppy is cuter than cute! The green block really catches my eye – I always forget abut the greens in my stash. I have to remedy that on the corn and beans:)

  4. Mine’s not posted, but I didn’t email it until yesterday. Not sure of the process to send the picture, but did it as an attachment in an email. Never can remember.

  5. Hi l am interested in the sew along. ls it too late to play catch up. do post the patterns? THANK YOU AUDREY

  6. Mine wasn’t posted either, I sent it maybe Monday or Tuesday? I resent it to you in an email, the first one probably went into cyber space. LOL. Loved all the quilt block quilts. Thanks for the fun time. Let me know if you get my picture on this try, if not I will try my AOL account to send to you.

  7. Hi Jo,

    Just an update on the puppy. We are still getting one only not the one in the picture I sent you. It’s a long story but I feel very comfortable with our decision. We will get him next weekend, June 10th. I’ll send you some pictures soon afterward. We are looking for name suggestions everyone. We would prefer a “people” name but are open to any name suggestions for a little boy puppy. Thanks.

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