Maverick Stars is FINISHED!

Gracie and I would like to cordially invite you to Stash Manicure where I am the guest blogger today. 
I finished up the Maverick Star quilt and blogger about it over there.  There are several pictures and I am sure you won’t want to miss them.   If you haven’t been to Stash Manicure before, it’s a great little blog.  See you back here at the Junction tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Maverick Stars is FINISHED!”

  1. I am so happy I found your blog over at stash manicure. What a great quilt! You are making me want to stay home from work today and play with my scraps.

  2. Hi I’ve just popped over from stash manicure to love the quilt…well done.I did leave a more lengthy message back over there.Thankyou so much for sharing!I love Bonnie’s ‘stuff’ too.

  3. Jo — this turned out really well. Great job. I’ve been sucked into making a leader and ender project “the” project of the day. On the other hand I’ve sewn blocks together as leader and enders. Thanks for sharing. Bonnie.

  4. What a beautiful quilt. I love the Maverick star block. I think it’s a pity there are no finished projects of this block on Bonnie’s page, I don’t know why. I do want to make such a quilt, I have some blocks finished…This was very inspiring!

  5. Love your quilt. You’ve made a fabulous quilt out of lots of assorted scraps … very ‘Bonnie’!! LOL Just wish the picture could be enlarged to see more detail :)
    Helen in the UK
    fellow Quiltville member

  6. Thanks for the eye candy with this quilt. I started a bunch of blocks and sashing and then couldn’t remember who I had to thank! Fortunately, I found you again. I LOVE that I’m using up stash and it’s turning out pretty cute at the same time. The quilt photo is even on my Frig!

  7. Me again after making 3 more rows of the Maverick Stars.

    I’m trying to determine how you did the edges of the Maverick Stars. I looked at your friend’s blog where you hvae the entire quilt shown, but it’s not clear. I believe you ran the sashing to the edge and then finished the sashing with 6 1/2 in pieces, with sideways star points at each intersection. Have you posted it anywhere else where the side borders are clearer? I’m working away, using my 2 1/2 in. pieces — kind slow going with so many bits! Thanks for all your eye candy. You have so many lovely things on your blog – I really want to study the bags made with duct tape! Fun.

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