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Two Saturdays ago I took Kalissa to Rochester, MN to take her nursing board examination.  While she was taking her test I shopped.  I am not in a bigger town often and had plans to go to Target.  I had several things on my list and one of those things was new dog bowls for Ruby.  I had ceramic ones and one of the childcare kids picked one up, dropped it and it broke.  I have found that I like people bowls to use for dog bowls better than I like dog bowls so I headed back to the housewares section.

I found some nice red bowls, put them in the cart and rounded the corner to head to the toy section.  That’s when the  Transform Mason Ball Lid Inserts  caught my eye.  I love Mason Jars.  They had so many different types of insert lids.  They had ones to make the jars into water bottles with lids and straws.  They had “Frog” for holding flowers in place.  They had designed lids that allowed potpourri scents to escape.  The ones I was quickly attracted to were the ones with the slotted lids.

The label on the outside said perfect for money banks or raffle tickets.  I had the childcare kids in mind.  Right now I have several who don’t know their colors or shapes.  I had bought a colorful bag of buttons at Wal-Mart with the hopes of coming up with a couple activities to do with them that would help them learn colors.

So the next time the kiddos were there I gave this a try.  The kids who did it, loved it.  The jars I had were glass and the pieces are small so I closely supervised the kids who were playing but they really loved it.

At some point we’ll do something similar with sorting money….I am sure I’ll come up with something else too.  You can follow the link above and it will take you to Amazon where you can see the lids.

I just thought I would share this idea with all of you.  I know some of you want sewing time but need to entertain your own children or grand children.  You could easily open up your button box and have the kids sort while you sew.  White buttons for one jar, silver buttons for another jar….I know even as a 49 year old I still love sorting buttons.

4 thoughts on “Mason Lids”

  1. Hi Jo,
    I really enjoy your blog.
    I saw on a blog yesterday that someone took a blue vintage mason jar and had an insert to make it a hand soap dispenser for the kitchen.
    It was really cute and a nice way to display and use the old ones.

  2. WHAT a great idea!!!! mason jars are glass though, Some plastic mayo jars fit the tops too. Incase you have a thrower…. I think the canning jars are pretty strong though, don’t break too easily. Montessori thinks children need to learn to be careful too.

  3. I have long thought that buttons were designed for sorting, but apparently they can be used to help keep clothing in place. What a waste of buttons!

    One day a group member brought her young daughter to a quilting day … she spent much of the day sorting pins in my pin cushion … first by colour, and then when she had finished that I asked her to mix them up again, and she did. I didn’t have to tell her that pins are sharp and should be handled carefully … after all, she was a quilter’s daughter.

  4. Loved the transformer lids idea! I remember when I was little, my Mom would put me in the middle of the bed-give me her button box and a large needle and heavy string. The whole time she was working, I would string buttons into bracelets and necklaces. The only bad part was when she was through, she would untie my creations and put them back into the button box! I have collected buttons now for many years and still love to sometimes take a container down and sort them, it is a very soothing past time for a 62 year old!

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