Masks and Kalissa to the Rescue!!

I spent Monday DEEP in making masks.  Over the weekend Kalissa and I dropped some off the firestation….

and I’ve had lots of people stopping by the house and getting a couple masks.  My supply was down.  I decided to settle in on an all day mask sew-athon.

I did 25 during the day thinking that was good for a day.  Then after supper did 11 more after my vet messaged me and said they could use some at the vet clinic.

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'We Can Do It! COVID-19 MASK MAS MAKERS'

I pulled my cute dog fabrics and cut into it.  My vet has been so good to us, I wanted her to have something cute.

Kalissa called me in the middle of it all and I told her how many masks I had left and how many were needed –  I told her that it would have to be a sew-athon today too.  She asked if there was something she could do to help out.  I said what I really needed was someone to write my blog post for today.

She laughed and said, “I’m on it!”

SO…if you want to read a full blog post, head of to Kalissa’s blog and read about what we did over the weekend.  link HERE.

2 thoughts on “Masks and Kalissa to the Rescue!!”

  1. You are awesome for doing so many masks. I just haven’t been able to get into it. I look at the patterns and I’m overwhelmed. Thank you from all of your mask recipients! I know they are appreciated.

  2. Rhonda Russell

    I started sewing masks today and I wanted to tell you thank you for the tips you have provided on your blog–in particular how you sew your pieces for your quilts. I’m using your technique where you run it like an assembly line: each mask seam without clipping the threads in between. I have been able to sew them very quickly. It’s just been difficult to retrain my hands not to pull the thread out very far! Thank you for all of your tips!

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