I was over on Amazon the other day. I was at the computer and a quilt idea popped into my head that I wanted to make another small quilt to hang on my quilt ladder. My go-to for that is typically Country Threads patterns. I went to Amazon to “page” through the books and see what quilt I might want to make. I have several of the books already. I was just too lazy to go upstairs and get them.

When I got there and typed in Mary (one of the author’s names) the books came up and WOW. They were half-price and even more off. That’s when I remembered that Martingale Publishing, the author of their books, had closed.

That lead me down a long (way too long) rabbit hole. I started looking up some of my favorite authors to see if those books were greatly clearanced out too. They were…

Country Threads
Lissa Alexander
Moda All Stars
Kim Deihl
Susan Ache
Buttermilk Basin
Lisa Bongean
Paula Barnes
Carol Hopkins

Two of a Kind Quilts is currently $6.01. That is less than the price of a magazine…and it’s a GREAT quilt book. You can read the review HERE.

Moda All-Stars All-Time Favorites You can read my review HERE.

Fresh Start Quilts by Mary and Connie of Country Threads fame. You can read my review HERE.

Little Gatherings from Lisa Bongean.  You can read my review of the book HERE. This one is $7.90.

Start with Strips by Susan Ache. You can read my review HERE.

Itty Bitty Celebrations by Lisa Bongeoan. You can read my review HERE.

WOW…It’s hard to believe that all that work is gone. I knew about the closing and I knew books would be put on clearance…but WOW. To believe a newly published book, that a great book like Two of Kind Quilts, would be only $6.01. That was a harsher reality for me. That isn’t even the cost of one pattern.

So admittedly, I did look around while I was Amazon and even though I don’t need any, I bought a couple of quilt books. Some are cheaper than a magazine. That makes them so hard to resist. I used to say I couldn’t buy a book unless there were three quilts in the book I wanted to make. At this price, I can buy a book just for entertainment.

I ended up buying books by Julie Henderickson, County Seat Quilts. I had wanted to buy her book County Seat Quilts and I never did. Well, I did now. Several people have been giving me their Reproduction fabric so I better get sewing with it!!

I was good. That was the only book I got. I sure was tempted to buy more.

Olivia at Pumpkin Hollow Quilts on Flosstube just showed a quilt she made from the book. I wanted to make it but didn’t have the book. Now I do!! Or at least it’s coming in the mail!!

It’s so sad. I hope these great designers can stay strong after the terrible blow of Martingale closing. I can totally relate. We had our book published the same week Kansas City Star Publishing closed. Our book never got a chance to be promoted. We had ZERO notification. It was such a blow.

I just thought I would share the sale with you. Maybe you can get a new book for yourself or stock up and buy presents for your quilting friends.

11 thoughts on “Martingale…”

  1. Hi Jo
    Yes they have some awesome deals on sewing books.I like the Jennifer Chiavorina series “A Quilters Legacy”. I’m “guilty” of buying a few from them. Lots going on here so I’ve been rather occupied. The deer had twins. The hail damaged our home,vehicles and trailer($50,000 +in damages). The house got flooded with leaks and scorpions….Our daughter totaled her car…on our insurance but they are ok.The dog got in the garbage and ate chicken bones. And one of our hens died. We are moving to a town called Midlothian- about 3 hrs from here. In August.
    Hope everyone else is doing fine. It’s just “our turn”to have fun?!
    Thinking of you.

    1. oh dear june.. sounds like you have had a rough go! consider yourself the recipient of a giant hug.

  2. I am not seeing the prices you quoted. Two of a Kind quilts is $14.00. the others are similarly priced.m

    1. Susan Stringfellow

      Amazon often increases prices of items that are popular- that might be what happened here.

  3. I was so sorry that Martingale closed. I have dozens of their books in my collection dating back to my early days as a quilter.

  4. Thanks for the heads up about the books. I just bought three.
    I am missing the buttons you used to have for NEXT POST and PREVIOUS POST. I don’t get to read every day and now I find I can’t find previous posts. Am I just missing it somewhere?


    1. We took them off thinking it might have been the problem why the blog was acting up and some people weren’t able to view it. We’ll try to put them back in the near future.

  5. Check Abe Books. I’m seeing a lot of the same deals as Amazon, though a little cheaper, and you can combine shipping costs if it is from the same shipper. Just ordered two of a kind and another Susan Ache book. With shipping it was under $18 for the two of them.

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