Martingale Quilt Book Releases: July Edition

Remember I told you that Martingale sent me NINE ebooks all at once for review?  Well this is installment #3 on the reviews.  This time we’ll check out…

French Farmhouse by Marie-Claude Picon
Table-Runner Roundup
A Prairie Journey by Kathleen Tracy

All in all I kind of liked this book…

The reason I’m saying kind of is that many of the projects had applique over the pieced quilting….I’m personally not a fan of that.  Well, I take that back.  I enjoy looking at it.  I don’t enjoy doing it.

Now if the stars in the quilt below were pieced, I’d be in love.  The quilt has a bit of a “Country Threads” feel to me.

I liked this quilt…simple.  I forget that I should do projects in more of a color family at times.  I tend to do “scrappy vomit” (the every color mix) too much.

I’ve wanted to do a 16 patch like this sometime….never have….someday I hope and I’d love to do it these colors.

The project that had me was this…..  Oh I love it!!  If I had all the time it the world I think I’d make this center and then continue it out like a round robin project.

This book made the grade and I downloaded it onto my Kindle.  I liked it that much.

Book #2 was Table Runner Round-Up

I’m going to tell you right here and now…I am not a table runner girl.  I never make them.  I’m not very attracted to them.  I don’t know why….it’s just me.

I do like the design of this one….definitely unique.

I liked this one….

Quite a few of the rest are pretty modern in design…not something that I would end up making….Some of you might love them though.

The last book for today is A Prairie Journey.

Remember how I reviewed the first book and admitted to not being an applique girl?  Well some of the projects in this book could entice me.  That border fabric on this is WONDERFUL!!

This one was super cute.

I liked this one too.

Admittedly some were ho-hum.  I’m not meaning to be nasty but, I don’t think any of us really need a pattern to make the quilt below…A simple four patch with alternating plain blocks.

All in all the book was pretty good.  I downloaded it onto my Kindle.  A couple of the patterns were tempting.

That’s the review for the July books from Martingale.  Of this bunch, the first book, French Farmhouse by Marie-Claude Picon, is the one I would have mostly likely bought if I was spending my own money.

5 thoughts on “Martingale Quilt Book Releases: July Edition”

  1. I don’t buy many quilt books. I like your reviews and you showing the patterns of the quilts that are in the booklets. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lynne Nicholson UK

    Oh Jo you fell into the expert trap.

    You may not need a pattern for a simple four patch with alternate plain patch quilt but someone brand new to quilting and unsure where to start needs that possibility otherwise they may think all the projects are beyond their capabilities. There are people just learning to take those baby steps would you deny them the opportunity to learn.

  3. Jo, you could make some awesome doll quilts from that last book, just sayin’!!! You already have one granddaughter with the possibility of a couple more! I only had one out of six, but she did LOVE to play Babydoll!!!

  4. Thanks for the review, I don’t do applique so many of the new books don’t really sing to me. I do like to look at the new books but I don’t buy to many of them.

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