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Remember I told you that Martingale sent me NINE ebooks all at once for review?  Well this is installment #2 on the reviews.  This time we’ll check out…

Fat-Quarter Favorites 

180 More Doodle Quilting Designs

Visible Mending 

Fat-Quarter Favorites by Karen Burns. There were 13 designs in this book.  I am going to be honest…there really weren’t any in the book that I’d likely make.

It’s not that the quilts were bad…  There are just things on my bucket list that I like better.

The quilts are a little bit on the small sized too…you know me, I like them big.
I’m not a applique girl either….

The book wasn’t bad…just not my style.

Next up…
180 More Doodle Quilting Designs

This book is nice if you’re looking for more design options with machine quilting.

This is just a tiny sampling of all there is….

Of the bunch my favorite was Visible Mending by Jenny Wilding Cardon.  THIS ONE I LOVED.

The premise of this book is to MEND your clothing if it gets a hole.  (what a novel idea)  The catch is rather than to try to disguise the mending that you accentuate it.  Notice the patch on the front cover on the pair of blue jeans?

Notice in the picture below…there was a fray in the cuff of the sweater.  The patched it then added another patch to make it appear as if it was a design element.  I love the idea.

Another sweater idea….

Any of you who had boys can appreciate this idea….

The pictures with ideas are great but there is text with chapters and suggestions that were great.

I would have totally done this to my jeans as a kid….…I am a product of the 70’s!!  In fact I did do something like this to a jean jacket I had.

I can’t wait to show this to Kayla.  I know she’ll love it.  She is my “make-do” girl!!

Of the bunch of books, this is the only one I put on my Kindle.  I’ve been reading through the book at night before bed.

So that’s a look at the Martingale books for the June releases….

4 thoughts on “Martingale Book Reviews”

  1. That mending book came to my attention earlier this month, so I’m delighted to see a little more content. Looks fun. And I like the idea of having something a little different than what “everybody” has.

  2. Oohhh, the mending book – This is what I did to my jeans in the 70s because ripped or holey jeans weren’t allowed! I had all kinds of fancy embroidery on my jeans – strawberries, daisies and daisy chains. I still love to ‘save’ my clothes.

  3. Thanks for the reviews. I have so many books and I have become picky about what I add to my collection. I recall doing some creative mending on my own clothes while in high school, some cool ideas.

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