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As I told you all a month or so ago, once we get settled at the new house I’ll be opening up my childcare business again.  I am really excited about it but initially was a little nervous.  There are lots of things I need and my budget is at about zero so cheap and free and my main options.

I love children’s books and want to have lots at for my childcare but again…cheap and free books are what I’m searching for.  Last week at the thrift store I was able to find a few great books….some classic favorites of mine.


Sadly a few had writing in as they were once Christmas gifts.  I know that bug spray often can remove permanent marker so I bought them hoping that it might work on there boards books.


I sprayed on a couple squirts and the marker got runny.


I stopped to take a picture and didn’t wipe it fast enough so some of the ink embedded a bit but at least it’s not the exact words.  I hate for books to have writing in them as I don’t want the kids to think that writing in books is okay.

Had I wiped it up immediately, the ink would all have been gone.

I tried in on a different one of the books before the book I showed above.

There was writing all over with a black marker in the upper right hand corner near the gorilla. You can’t see the ink at all now!

Removing ink form things using spray is a tip that I use all the time…So many times thrifted goodies have the price written in marker.  You’d be amazed at all the things it works on!

8 thoughts on “Marker Remover Tip”

  1. I’ve used hair spray to remove ink from fabric. When my granddaughter used black permanent marker on a wooden chair seat, my daughter checked online and found that alcohol will remove it. So I got some out and she went to work. Nearly every bit of it came off.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Got a laugh from your last paragraph. Your house looks great, love the floors and the gray you picked for house color.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Jo! I’ve never tried bug spray, and I always have lots of that on hand here. Will try it. Our new kitchen cupboards had marker on the back, and we have some free-standing so there’s this beautiful unfinished cherry panel with writing on it. We tried rubbing alcohol, but it just made the pigment a bit lighter, and it took a lot of colour out of the wood….

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