Many Thanks from Me, the Rescue and from Susie

My house is filling up with company.  My adult kids and grandkids started arriving last night and there will be a houseful by tonight.  I don’t have much time to write so I’m just popping in quickly to say THANK YOU!!  You guys are so awesome!!

Last week I told you about Susie the 15-year-old beagle whose owner died and left her without a home.

I was afraid that …this poor girl would have trouble finding a home.  She went to the vet and was given the news we all hate to hear from the doctor…you need to lose weight.  Susie only has to lose five pounds but on her, that’s about 20% of her body weight!!

I told you all about her plight and hoped to sponsor her adoption fee by raising $125.  The adoption fee for our senior dogs is $125 and not the full $250.  You guys did that and more.  We raised $345!!  The extra money will go toward Susie’s dental that she is getting done on March 6th.  I’m so happy!!

Susie was going to go to another foster but I decided to just keep her here.  It would save her the stress of learning a new house.  I don’t want that for her.  Plus the other foster was over an hour away from my house…and she’d have to travel there and then travel back this way to keep her dental appointment.  That is scheduled for March 6th, then Susie can go to a new home.

YES!  Susie has had two people apply for her.  TWO!!  Can you believe it??  I am just tickled.  Both homes are approved.  My job is noting all the things I notice about Susie to see if one would be a better fit.  Thankfully, I don’t make the decision on where she goes.

I can tell you a few things…she LOVES walks.
Her hearing is not good.  I don’t mean to but sneak up on her all of the time.  She can hear really loud things but not a regular voice.
Her eyesight is questionable.  I’ve not made a full assessment of that yet.
She likes couch time with humans but can’t jump up on the couch herself.
She barks when she wants to come into the house.
She gets along with other dogs.  She totally holds her own but is not aggressive.
She is slow around the house and sleeps much of the day.
She had a poop accident the first two days but not anymore.  I think that was just adjusting.
She is good with kids.
She isn’t very perky and inactive…I know she’s old but I can’t help but wonder if she has a little depression going on.

All in all, she’s doing good for a 15-year-old.

I can’t thank all of you enough. Here is the message posted on the HEART Facebook page.

I really appreciate the support you all give through messages, notes, suggestions, and financial help with the rescue dogs.  I appreciate it.  The rescue is so impressed with you all and very much appreciates your helpfulness.

6 thoughts on “Many Thanks from Me, the Rescue and from Susie”

  1. Oh that’s lovely news there’s 2 people wanting to adopt Susie! And what a brilliant bunch of followers you have, to have donated such a generous amount. Reading your blog, Jo, always gives me a warm feeling. Thank you!

  2. Such good news that Susie is a wanted dog. Some of what you said about her is same with my “senior” dog. He barely sees, hardly hears, sleeps many hours, can’t get up on couch by himself. So hard to see the changes, but they are so like us people!! Have fun with all the family!

  3. We had an old dog who was losing her hearing and sight. I found that clapping my hands helped her find me and then follow me. Also, make sure the grands leave a sleeping dog alone especially an old dog. When they can’t see or hear, they may reflexively react when startled. Bless you for taken such good care of Susie!

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