Mandy Bag

Today is my friend Mandy’s birthday.
I was completely uncreative and just got her some pratical quilting supplies…but I put it in a cute little bag that  I made using the pattern from Rachel’s Blog.
I wasn’t completely reading the directions because I had made one before so I was just happily quilting along when I realized I wasn’t suppose to machine quilt the lining with the batting and outside piece.  Of course I was doing this late lastnight and didn’t have time to start over so…I improvised and ended up liking it better than the original.

When I sewed the bag together the seams were raw and I didn’t like that so I just put binding on them just like you would a quilt.  It worked WONDERFULLLY and as I said, I like it better.  Besides, late at night is no time for me to tackle putting lining into a bag….there is just something about that process that makes me double question and doubt myself if I am sewing the lining in right…all that right side together, and through the slit directions are sometimes too much for the visual learner in me. 

I was worried that the extra bulk of binding on the edges might make the bag fall over, but it didn’t!

So…Happy Birthday Mandy, you are a great friend!…Sorry you have to put up with a friend that gives very practical presents.

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