Making Us Both Happy

I admit it.  I am a conservative when it comes to clothing and with money too.  With clothing, I believe more is better…especially when it comes to my teenage daughter.  Don’t get me wrong…I can handle spaghetti straps.  I can handle shorts…just not the SUPER short ones.  I can handle holes in jeans…but not the holes show my daughter’s underwear, that’s where I draw the line.  I know it’s style right now to purchase jeans with holes in them, but as I mom, I have a REALLY hard time spending $70 for a pair of pants that already have holes in them.

While I was thrift shopping looking for 100% cotton shirts, I was flipping through clothes and found this pair of Silver jeans.


They were my daughter’s size, exactly what she’d been wanting and the price tag today…. 10 cents… Yes,  10 cents.  The thrift stores in my area are honestly that good.  How can I say no to that?  I know they are exactly what she wants but I won’t spend the money for.   I struggled with purchasing them…they still had holes that would show her underwear.  I didn’t like that.

I thought I could patch them in a way that was a bit inconspicuous, but I would have to get her on board with patching them.  I didn’t want a reason to get into a disagreement with her so maybe I should just leave them at the store…

I ended up calling her.  Telling her I was purchasing the pants but they would be patched to my liking in a way that we could compromise or I’d throw them out.  She agreed…

I got home and she tried the jeans on.  They fit and she was excited.  I started patching.  First the hole in the back, then the hole in the front.  To do it I found a piece of recycled fabric that would mimic pocket material.  I put a piece of heat and bond on it.  I folded it in half and ironed it together making it two thicknesses strong.


I pinned the patch material behind the hole and sewed around the edges of the hole.


She still gets the frayed edges simulating the hole.  I still get to keep her underwear private…in the end she actually liked the patches enough that she asked me to patch another one of the holes.


They look good, cost a dime, and something we can both be happy with.

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19 thoughts on “Making Us Both Happy”

  1. BRAVO! A mom after my own heart and she looks adorable! My dd has that same zebra shirt, I think! I patch thriftstore jeans too. Saves a bundle! They are $4 to $8 here secondhand though.

  2. Way to go Jo! When I tell people I buy all my clothes from Goodwill, they look at me a little funny, but it’s true! Once in a blue moon, I’ll buy something from a department store but that’s rare. I like to save my money for fabric! Our Goodwill’s have two “99 cents” days every week where any piece of clothes with a certain color tag is 99 cents. Even jeans and wool jackets – anything. This is also my go-to place for men’s 100% cotton shirts to break down and use in quilts. I get to spend several happy hours shopping and I don’t break my quilt budget buying clothes!!!

  3. I love it! $.10, WOW what a deal and she loves them. Win win, the thrift store is a great place. I live on Long Island, in eastern New York, we have a few “thrift stores”. We don’t have deals that good. I love hearing stories like this. ;-> Toni Anne

  4. Cute. Those jeans turned out very cute! These kids these days! I nearly flipped when I began seeing girls’ bra straps with spaghetti strap blouses way back in the mid 90’s. Then I thought: “Well as least they have a bra on!” I remember back in the late 70’s girls were going around bra-less!” Wonder what the next trend is going to be?

  5. Good for both of you, it is great you could happily compromise! I remember when my girls were in school, all the disagreements over clothes. They want to fit in but the clothes can be so expensive and sometimes questionable.

  6. Good job!!! I think it’s ridiculous the price teenage girls are willing to pay for worn out jeans. We won’t even talk about the skin-tight tops…let’s just say I’ve told my granddaughters I call it the “slut look”. I greatly preferred the t-shirts under flannel shirts that were style when my daughter was in HS. Guess that dates me. :)

  7. WOW you do have a good thrift store. I only shop at one here on their half price day, which is once a month. I did pick up a pair of jeans, a winter coat, a flannel flat sheet and a coin purse for about $6. I was really excited about the flannel sheet. It will make a nice cozy back for a quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  8. LOVE the deal you made… we shop at the thrift store also, and I have been doing it for years, so my 7 year old daughter doesnt know any better… we found an american girl outfit there once for 4.00 and when she wore it, her friend said”you look like a million bucks, where did you get your outfit?” she proudly said the THRIFT Store!!. love it.

  9. Good for you for sticking to your guns. I think more parents need to stand up to the garment industy and stop making clothes that make our children look like tramps. I can tell your daughter appreciated the jeans and what you did for her.

  10. I echo Debbie in Alaska… a mother of 3 teenage boys, hooray for moms that dress their girls with some modesty!!!!

  11. I don’t sew, but my mom did this for one of my daughters. But she used zebra print and a bright pink fabric with a random design on it to cover the holes. The different fabric really popped out from the fringed holes. It was so cute!

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