Make Unders with Bratz

You might remember last week that I showed you my thrift store Bratz dolls.

I have forever hated Bratz dolls.  So when I saw the Tree Change dolls I was really happy.  I’ve mentioned them before but but thought I would show you again.  She redesigns the dolls so that they start like this…and end like this…

I love the look from sexy to “normal” looking dolls.  The girls were home last weekend and I hoped that Kayla might be interested in painting their faces for me.  That prompted me to start working on their hair.

Kelli started working on removing make up.  We watched this video to learn more about removing make up.

We watched this video to learn more about restyling hair and this video to learn more about removing make up.


We got a box of the done….Then we ended up running out of nail polish remover.



Kayla ended up taking a bunch of them home.  She plans to have a “paint party” at her house with friends of hers.

They are far from finished but they are one step further along and that’s alright with me.  I have to say that I really enjoy “playing dolls”.

3 thoughts on “Make Unders with Bratz”

  1. I admire that you are repainting these dolls’ faces to the more innocent natural look. They will then be so cute! When these Bratz dolls first came out, of course, my granddaughter had to have them, so I did buy her one for her birthday one year, but didn’t like the look of all that makeup. For years, we all had been adding to her Barbie doll collection, so this was quite a change! I watched the videos that you suggested and I am looking forward to seeing your repainted dolls with their new hairdos. Great recycling with a much better look than the original!!

  2. I have 3 Daughters and I HATED those brats dolls. I thought they were the ugliest things I have ever seen! I refused to buy them, not saying they didn’t still get them, but I hated them.
    So happy you are doing this.

  3. I too Hated the Brats Dolls. So glad my daughter never liked them or got them. I just love the idea of making them new with the more natural painting, BRAVO!!

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