Make a Pincushion Using Your Accuquilt Go!

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I am totally in love with my new pincushion!  I made it yesterday using my Accuquilt Go! and the Double Wedding Ring die…Yes, the Double Wedding Ring die.


You will only be using the ellipse portion of the die….  Here’s a little video to show you how to make it.

If you haven’t made a pincushion using crushed walnuts, you are missing out.  They are WONDERFUL!!  If you make a pincushion or any of the other projects I’ve done tutorials for, I would love to see them…so send me a picture.

4 thoughts on “Make a Pincushion Using Your Accuquilt Go!”

  1. I’ve actually read that the walnut shells dull pins, like wood shavings would. Either way my dd is allergic to walnuts so I wouldn’t try it but I know a lot of people do use them.

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