Make a Fluffy Ball Toy with Your Accuquilt Go!

Gracie has a dog toy in her collection that we can never find.  I decided to try to make another one using my Accuquilt Go!  Here are my results….


These would also make good toys for kids.  My kids used to want to play with balls in the house but I was always saying, “No balls  in the house.”  These balls could easily be in the house with no problem as they are light and fluffy.  If you want to make some, here’s a video tutorial for you to learn how.

They are truly quick and easy.

3 thoughts on “Make a Fluffy Ball Toy with Your Accuquilt Go!”

  1. Thanks for the idea! I will make some for my daycare children. We are always looking for fun indoor physical activitys in the winter.

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