Mailbox Report or Rather Stash Report

When we moved here, there was a small mailbox out in front of our house.  One of the first things I told Hubby was that we’d need to get a large mailbox.  Then we thought about it and decided…no.  We better stick with the small one.  There are four mailboxes all on one post and all the others were small.  It would look silly if we had a big box and all the rest were small.  Then I thought about my poor mail lady.  When packages are too big for the box, she delivers them to my door.  She’d be at my door all the time if we didn’t get a big box….so we got a big box.

It is a good thing we did.  We have saved her MANY trips to deliver to our door with that big box.

Recently the box was FULL!  There were three packages stuffed in there along with letters…and one bill.


Want to see the goodies???

A charity quilt top from Dee in Ohio.  I pulled it out and looked at it.  It’s a really nice top.  You’ll have to wait to see it until I get it quilted.


Next up goodies from Cindy for the childcare kids.  They love stickers and notepads.


…and then a box of fabric from Sheila in NY.  I couldn’t wait to dig in.

There’s lots and it’s all great.


There are several pieces that are 60″ wide and will be perfect for the backings of charity quilts.  I have a couple blog readers that donate smaller quilts and fabrics like these are needed and very much appreciated.

I think this one was my favorite of the bunch.


That was a load of goodies….

Thanks ladies.  I appreciate it all and will put everything to good use.

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  1. Looks like you got some nice polka dot fabric. Have you ever made a quilt with all polka dot fabric? I wonder what that would look like.

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