Mail from Mary Ann…

Mary Ann, one of my blog readers, sent this little note, “Did I get a batch of FQ from you during a past yardsale called Bluebird dishes? I am making a quilt using them and thought, if that was you, you might like to see a pic.”

Yes…you did and well of course I want to see a picture!!

CUTE right!?!  She also showed me some other blocks she was starting to work on….

Cute, cute!  Now that I see how cute things worked out, I should have kept the fabric and not sold it….then seeing what Bonnie Hunter did with florals and her Floribunda quilt (scroll to bottom of her post to see the quilt), I really should have kept them.

Ok, lesson learned.  No more selling fabric for me! …and Mary Ann, CONGRATS on a beautiful quilt!!

3 thoughts on “Mail from Mary Ann…”

  1. Isn’t that always the way Jo? Explains why I have a mile high pile of fabrics…just never know. Great Job Mary Ann…really cute quilt!

  2. I was going to say the same thing that Lynn said, “isn’t that always the way”. In the past, I’ve given away items or sold them, only wishing I hadn’t a short time later. But it was for a good cause and I still have way too much stuff. thanks for sharing.

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