Mail Day!!

It’s a mail day here.  There is a lot of mail so grab a drink and read along.

The first package came from Ellen.

I opened the box and it said 2 of 2 on it.  In the #2 box were all sorts of great quilting books.  I’m so excited to look through them and see if anything sparks my interest.

Then I went hunting through the pile of boxes to find the package that was the 1 of 2 box.  The best way to do that was to look for the same return address.  I found it.  Ellen was hoping I might be able to use something from her generous donation in an upcoming postage auction.  GREAT IDEA!!

She was also super sweet and added some postage money in the package.  It’s MUCH appreciated.

There were more books and patterns in the this box.

There was a cute quilt kit that includes everything needed to complete the quilt.  This will be on the next auction.  The pattern picture doesn’t do it justice.  Just look at that girl with the kitty…so cute.

There were binding strips.  I passed these on to the Cresco ladies.  They have been busy, busy binding quilts.

There was also this bag of a project leftovers.

All great things.

The next package came from Jeanne in AZ.  She has send packages to me and also to Ray.  So appreciated!

There were a variety of goodies…

Some shirts and scarves…

Other goodies too.  I grabbed the little bunny bags and will use them with the childcare kiddos.  I put the gloves in the childcare box too.  The little notebook went in the box for my friend that does shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse.  I’m always looking for little things I can pass on to her to put in the charity shoe boxes for kids.

She included this wonderful train quilt.  I’ll have to look for the right benefit to donate this too.

This cute fall one was squeezed into the box too.  So cute!

The next box came addressed like this…it was so easy for me to sort as I knew exactly where it was going to go.

Check out all the goodies inside!  Lots of fabric that will be perfect for charity quilts.

The next box came with this note.  She the bottom…it says no credit needed.  Whew, I don’t have to worry if I have the right name with the right box!!  You know I’m always fretting about that!!

The two pieces on top were big enough for backing fabrics.  I set them aside for someone who finishes quilt tops and needs backing.  The fun patriotic prints went to the Cresco ladies too.  They have someone from their group that they pass patriotic fabric too and that person makes Quilts of Valor.

This is a challenge piece.  I’m passing it on to the Cresco Ladies.  I wonder what they will come up with?  I think if it were me finishing it, I could add a black wide piece on each side can call it a modern quilt.  As is, I think the piece is about 25″ wide.  If a piece that big were added to each side it would make a nice size quilt.  Then I would machine quilt it with yellow thread.  That yellow thread would stand out and look so cool on the black fabric.
Oh my…I shouldn’t have dreamed that up.  Now I want to finish it.  Maybe I should.  NO JO, you have plenty to do already.  It’s so tempting.  AHH!!  This is what is so hard for me when I go through the mail!

There were vintage quit tops in the mix. I measured these and they will be in the next postage fund auction.

Check out this Drunkard’s Path top.  This curves are so nice.

There was another red and white nine patch.  This one was a little bigger.

The next package came from Illinois.  I was thrilled to get it.  There wasn’t a first name on the package and no note.  The gal who sent it has sent other things and darn I can’t remember her first name.  The package was filled with flannel that had been made into recieving blankets for the baby care kits my friend makes for Lutheran World Relief.  There were 10 so that means that will be enough for five more kits.  YAHOO!!

My friend Lana and I so appreciate the gift.  I love that you all are helping me help her…and all it will go on to help others.  It’s truly a helping hands story.

The next package came from Linda in AR.  Linda and her friend Sara Beth were happy to clean out some of their stash.  They wrote a note that said, “We believe our children will be eternally grateful for any we dispose of prior to them having to deal with it.”  HA!!  I think all of our children feel would feel that way.

There were all sorts of goodies.

This looks like this UFO ran out of pieces.  I’m sending it on to the Cresco Ladies hoping they might have a piece of brown flannel and fill in the corner…or maybe they have a good creative idea.

There was minky and other fleece I thought could be sent their way too.

There were lots of other fabrics too.  I quickly grabbed the poptart fabric.  There is just a scrap of it and Carver is a HUGE fan of Poptarts.  I thought I might make a mask for him with it.
I pulled a couple of other novelty prints and started a pile to send to Christi who makes foster care quilts.

I pulled these amazing eagle panels and will be offering them in the next auction.  I can see these two together in one large quilt with blocks surrounding them…that would be so cool.

I got a big box from Carolyn.  She is the gal who is so sweet and makes baby gowns for the baby care kits my friend puts together.  Carolyn is # 35 on the quilt donation page.  You can find that HERE.

I opened bag after bag after bag of beautiful gowns.

Each bag had a name a person who had sent her fabric and gowns she made with it were in the bag.

Many thanks to:
Ruth T in MI
Erin Cragg in CA
Ann Scott, Carolyn’s sister

All of them donated fabric.  A thanks to Ruth T for also donating some flannel for recieving blankets.  YAHOO!!

I was so happy to see how resourceful Carolyn is.  She used scraps of coordinating fabric for the sleeves of many of the gowns.

See how some were made with the blue star fabric?  Then leftovers were used for the sleeves on the white gowns.  PERFECT and so cute!!

Carolyn also sent some orphan blocks.  Aren’t these big ones cool?

I got a note from Kayla.  She had stickers printed and sent me a page…

She ended up putting them in her Etsy shop.  You can find them HERE.

I got other notes in the mail…

There were thank you cards for African Violet leaves.  There were a couple notes with money for the postage fund.  There was thank you from the ladies that I’ve given goodies to from Decorah, Iowa.

There was a recipe too.  I had read this note and then seen Judy at Patchwork Times blog.  She had blogged about this too.  My zucchini are petering out so this might wait for next year.

It sure sounds good though.

The last box in this round came from Nancy.  She had LOTS in her box.

There were lots of patterns….all of this is cross stitch, doll making or punch needle.  I set that all aside and will look through it.  I’m sure some will make it to the postage auction as Nancy suggested.  I love just looking…

She included these goodies.  The jelly rolls will be on the auction.  The American Girl doll pattern will wait with the hope one of my granddaughters will love dolls.  So far, they all have Bitty Babies and I’m guessing I’ll likely get them a doll some day.

What fun novelty prints…right??

There were magazines too.  I paged through a couple when I ate supper.  So fun.  I don’t subscribe to any anymore so magazines are a treat.

I have had more mail come in and I’ve had a local drop off.  That will all be coming in the next mail blog post.

Thanks so much for all the goodies.  I appreciate and so do the many that I’ll be sharing this with.

8 thoughts on “Mail Day!!”

  1. So fun to see everything you receive. There is so much good things and the quilt tops and orphan blocks, so fun. Those big squares are so pretty. Those Cresco ladies are going to be very busy!!

  2. The top that caught my eye was the yellow/gold and black quilt not quite finished. To me it looks like a perfect beginning for a quilt for University of Iowa fans. If this were finished in those colors it would make a good auction quilt for someone.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Wow what a mail day!! So manybeautiful useful things. The large quilt patches are beautiful made the bethlehemstar patch into a baby quilt . It was a fun challenge to my skill ilearned a lot from it. The train quilt and the wild nature pieces are going to be a delight for someone when finished.and quilt books it’s going to be fun bedtime reading for weeks for you Jo. Enjoyed seeing all the baby kit things.

  4. You are a truly great quilter along with receiving and distributing, too. It is so good to hear how nice people are, when they donate and contribute in so many ways,, so people can receive the quilts that they need.
    Thank you!

  5. For the incomplete monkey quilt, they could add a solid corner, probably in that light brown, and embroider “Quit Monkeying Around!” on it.

  6. So wonderful to see what others have made and shared. Hopefully back in Tx by next Tuesday. Then I can put together my sewing room. And actually leave my machines set up. The grands are now living in the home behind us. Love the quilts Ray has finished. I’m so itching to get back to quilts etc. How are those gowns made? What fabric is used? The nursing home is right across the street from my home and hope that some of the quilt tops you sent will be going there. Have a great day and Blessings

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