Stash Report

I box came in the mail recently…goodies for me and for the kids.


There were lots and lots of note pads.  When this little one saw them she immediately asked, “Jo-me paper?”  I said, “Yes you can have some paper.”  Immediately she was to the draw and had the markers.  They love the paper that gets sent their way.  I love it too.  I don’t care if they scribble one little scribble on each page.  I let them use it however they want…and use it they do.


The kids write notes, scribble, practice their letters, make grocery lists, play doctor and vet with notebooks…oh all sorts of things with the paper.

As much as the kids and I enjoyed the paper, and will for a long time to come, there was fabric too!!  Oh pretty, pretty fabric!


All the excitement of this box came from  Renee in St. Marys Georgia.  THANKS so much Renee.  You thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.

I already have the fabric up to the sewing room and sorted.  I’m trying to stay on top of that which is sometimes a challenge.

To see how others are using their fabric stashes, check out Patchwork Times.

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