Mail Call From Ray’s Mailbox

Many readers have started sending quilt tops directly to quilt finishers.  I just got an email from Ray sharing what was sent to him.

Ray writes:
I wanted to let you know I got a box in the mail today from one of your blog readers, Barbara S. in Bradenton, FL. She shared 5 tops that she made with me. I will get them long-armed and donated in due course. But first I wanted to share them with you.

The first top is made with light and dark HSTs and set in a diamond pattern. The fabric colors compliment each other so well. Then double bordered it. You know what a sucker I am for borders. This one measures 54 x 63.

The next one has… a plaid or woven pattern to it. Where the vertical and horizontal strips cross is a nine-patch block. Love the unique layout. This one is also double bordered. It measures 54 x 54.

The next one is for all the bird lovers. Barbara used a cut of fabric with birdhouses and used her magic with borders to dress it up. Love the daisy border. She also included some bright yellow binding. It is 56 x 64.

The next one is a real eye-catcher. Barbara alternated a fabric block with a square in a square block. The square in a square has a bright pink batik in the center and off a white border around it. The fabric square is a coordinating fabric of pink/cream/grey. Then there is the pink batik border which adds a special finishing touch.

She also included a wonderful grey and white fabric for the backing. This quilt is 45 x 60.

The next quilt is absolutely adorable. You can not read the print fabric I am sure. It is Valentine fabric and has the cutest notes on it. Nothing against red, but I think blue is so special and unique. Barbara also included the pixelated blue fabric for the backing. What an awesome contrast that would be to the normal red Valentine quilt. This one measures 46 x 56.

The next quilt has a wonderful pattern and uses the colors so well. Love it as well. The pink and green fabrics balance and contrast so well with the black fabric with the white roses. OMG! Beautiful. Of course, there is a double border of green and pink. Barbara outdid herself with the pieced backing for this quilt. It is 54 x 62.

The last quilt is made out of charm squares and is set in a diagonal pattern that is so pleasing to the senses. Barbara jazzed it up a bit with a triple border. She has me pegged on those borders. This one is 54 x 64.

Doesn’t Ray do a great job of photographing these donations and keeping track of them.  A big shout out to Barbara S. in Bradenton, FL for sending all these great tops Ray’s way.  It was a great way to save money for the postage fund.  We all appreciate that so much!!

17 thoughts on “Mail Call From Ray’s Mailbox”

      1. Have you looked for a Project Linus chapter in Houston? They give any kind of handmade blankets to children in need.

  1. Ray’s quilting is wonderful, as are those quilt tops. What I want to know is how he keeps his grout so pristine and white! LOL!

  2. Barbara’s quilts look amazing but someone’s math is off Ray said 5 quilts. I count 7 with some backs. Definitely had me recounting, can’t fool me with math.

  3. Delisa Bennett

    Hi Jo,

    Ray is a gem!!!! I’m curious to know how he got into quilting and long arming? I don’t think I’ve seen you mention that previously in the blog, but I do miss posts sometimes, so its possible. Dudes who quilt are pretty special, and usually there is a neat back story. If Ray would be willing to share with us, I’m sure it would be a treat to hear about his path into the quilting arena.

    Delisa in Raleigh, NC

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Barbara, all of the quilts you made are just beautiful, love your color choices! Ray, I know you will make these even more spectacular with your quilting designs and bindings!! Thanks to each of you.

  5. I live in GA and I don’t know where Ray lives, but I am older and limited but enjoy hand sewing the bindings.
    I might be able to help but don’t know the requirements. Do the bindings have to be machine sewn?
    I love following your blog and admire you so much. I know that at some point I will have much fabric to donate to someone on your list of people who need fabric. Anyway if you would like to reach out to me about this I would love it.

  6. Hi Jo
    You are always very generous sharing your recipes with us so here is one you might like.
    Zucchini Bites / Courgette Bites
    1 TBSPN oil
    1 onion
    3 slices bacon
    1 large carrot grated
    1 courgette grated (I think you call them zucchini so I’ve put both in)
    3 eggs
    1 cup hard cheese grated (I use Cheddar)
    1/4 cup cream (any, I have used single or double)
    1/2 cup self raising flour

    Soften onion in oil, add bacon and cook but not too crisp.add carrot and courgette and cook for a few minutes. Beat eggs and cream together and add cheese. Add to courgette mix. Sift in flour and mix well.
    Greased and floured bun tins or muffin tins. I use muffin tins and an ice cream scoop.
    180C 350F for 20 mins or longer if using muffin tins.

    Hope that doesn’t sound too complicated. My grandchildren love them and I thought you bacon lovers would like them too. Best eaten warm

  7. Pamela Roberts

    Sorry I forgot to put that the onion and the bacon should be chopped.
    It’s hard to remember when you’ve made something often that’s what obvious to you isn’t obvious to others.

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