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I got several emails from Ray that I am putting together into one giant post.  You might remember that Ray is working magic in Florida by getting two ladies together, Nancy F who has fabric to donate and Patty K who has time and talent to donate.  Together the ladies are producing some amazing work.

Ray writes:
I got 3 boxes in the mail from Patty K. in FL. She is so excited to have the fabric from Nancy F. in FL and is turning out quilts. Grab something to drink and a comfortable chair and get ready for the show.

* The first quilt is her first attempt at quilt as you go. She has determined that she much prefers traditional piecing. I am sure many of us have tried QAYG and have found it is not for everyone. However, I got an almost completed quilt that is absolutely fun. Check out all the characters. All I need to do is some binding and it will be ready to go. It measures 31 x 31.

* Next is the Windmill Bandanna quilt. I love all the various colors of bandana fabric in the quilt. The pattern just adds to the festive mood. It measures 47 x 55.

* OMG! Is this not the cutest quilt for a little girl. She calls it Pink Orbs. How appropriate. It measures 48 x 57.

* Next is a wide strip quilt with all kinds of interesting fabrics in it, It measures 43 x 48.

*Next is a…
string quilt. She set the blocks to form a “V” or chevron pattern. Interesting layout. Love the border to tie it all together. It measures 44 x 44.

* Next is a Butterfly quilt made with beautiful sunflower fabrics.It is so bright and cheery. It measures 55 x 56.

* Love these Dancing Elephants. Each elephant has its own color-coordinating border. Adorable. It measures 36 x 40

* Here is a quilt for all of you Scotty dog lovers. They are all ready to go and play. It measures 43 x 42.

* Patty calls this quilt Too Many Cats. Too funny! Love the combination of puppies and kitties in the beautiful quilt. It measures 49 x 48.

* She calls this one Charmed Flowers. Love the burst of colors in this quilt. It measures 34 x 39.

* This one is called Bright Stars. I love all the bright blues in this quilt. It measures 43 x 44.

* This one she calls Red Surprise. Another great star quilt. It measures 43 x 53.

* Next is an adorable Unicorn quilt. Some little girl is going to love getting this quilt. I love all the bright colored sashing around each unicorn. It measures 43 x 44.

* Next is Give It a Whirl Quilt. This is a kit from Nancy K. The beautiful French themed print fabrics are gorgeous. It measures 48 x 53.

*  This quilt she calls Tailor’s Choice. After all the bright fabrics, these earth tones are so relaxing. It measures 49 x 59.

* Next is a postage stamp quilt.The variety and colors in this quilt are so exciting and fun. It measures 43 x 43.

* This one she has named Colors of May. How very appropriate! April showers bring May flowers. It measures 35 x 36.

* This one is called Beaver’s Paradise. I absolutely love all the earth tones and autumn colors, It definitely makes you feel like you’re out in the woods. It measures 52 x 72.

* This quilt did not have any notes with it. I love the way she arranged the strips to create this quilt. It measures 58 x 70.

*  Here is Blue on Blue. I really like the colors and pattern in this quilt. It measures 32 x 41.

* Last but not least is this cute little quilt called Sun Glistens Over the Ocean. Lots of sun and surf in this beauty. It measures 32 x 40.

Many, many thanks to Nancy and Patty for their support and generosity with all these special little quilts. They will definitely put a lot of smiles on some kids’ faces.”

WOW…I am so impressed by all the tops!!  Being the Grandma of a horse lover, Georgia, I’d love to know more about the horse quilt.  Are those appliques or panels??  SO-SO cute.  I’d love to make one for Georgie for her preschool quilt…or something similar.  So fun.

The other quilts were all very creative too.  Ray is going to be a busy-busy guy.  Thanks for taking pictures and cateloging all of these Ray.  I know it’s a lot of work!


6 thoughts on “Mail Call from Ray”

  1. Amazing!!! Ray and all his cohorts are wonderful! There will be some very lucky recipients out there… love the sharing of the talents.

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Love the animal quilts they are so special and the “Blue on Blue” is beautiful. Ray, you have a winning combination
    in Patty K and Nancy F. for helpers!

  3. Judith M Fairchild

    Where is the sun and surf quilt is it the blues and cream their at the last. All the tops are very lovely and imaginative. Floridian quilters and Jo.

  4. Where are the quilts donated to? Do these wonderful women only make baby and small lap quilts? Of course maybe that is what was needed. I’m just curious. I too live in FL and my former guild made quilts for specific charities, especially for foster children.

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